Dear praying brothers and sisters in the LORD JESUS CHRIST,

We thank the LORD for your faithful prayers for us.  LORDwilling, we would appreciate your prayers concerning the following matter.  Thanks. 

Around midmorning on Tuesday of this week it was decided that LORDwilling, we would remain here in Blytheville, AR for now..until the LORD shows otherwise. 

With this in mind, on Tuesday afternoon, the LORD granted us the privilege of a brief visit from our dear friends in the LORD, the Klein’s of Missouri. During our visit, we all went to a local park for continued fellowship.  At one point, most of the children were playing a game together.  Not too far away, there was a mother pushing her daughter on a swing. The child was looking intently at the other children playing the game.  At some point, seeing how the child was preoccupied with what the other children were doing, there was the mind to ask her mother if she could join in and thanks to the LORD she did.

Later on, as the mother and daughter were leaving the park, a tract for the mother and a wristband for the daughter were offered and accepted.  Almost immediately the mother said, “Pray for my family!”  It was communicated to her that we would, LORDwilling.  The names of the family are Edwin and Shirley, Ashley (son) and Victoria (daughter).  Shirley went on to say that she was Catholic.

Today while out on the doors, to our surprise the LORD directed our steps and answered our prayer to be able to meet with this family once again. However, the man of the house was not present at this time but at work. 

Unknown to us, while hanging packets on the other side of the street the daughter had recognized us.  We were told by the mother that the daughter began crying after seeing us because we were not coming to her house. Since soon after beginning to go out on the doors in this city there has been a strong opposition to the Gospel and the things of the LORD and at one point there was the mind just to hang packets on the doors of homes instead of trying to engage people in conversations. This has changed some and we have been occasionally knocking on some of the doors.

After arriving to Shirley’s house she surprisingly asked, “Did you pray for my family?” It was assured to her that we did.  In addition during the visit, Shirley intensely mentioned multiple times and at different times to “Pray for my family!” as well as a reminder before living the home this evening.

Thanks to the LORD, during this visit there was an opportunity to speak with the son Ashley, who is in high school, about the LORD JESUS CHRIST.  Ashley was told how GOD is holy and perfect and how HE cannot be in the presence of sin and that our sins separate us from GOD. It was mentioned to Ashley of how John the Baptist proclaimed, “…Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.”  Ashley mentioned that he hears this verse every week at church.  Though we are not sure of the measure there seemed to be something this evening that by GOD’S grace, may have “clicked” in Ashley’s understanding of this verse.  Thanks to the LORD, while this conversation with Ashley was taking place, Shirley was listening in.  

For now, thanks to the LORD the door seems to have stayed open with this family and we were welcomed to come back anytime in the afternoons, in the will of the LORD.  We would appreciate prayer for us to have the LORD’S mind as Paul sought the LORD when he “…said, LORD, what wilt thou have me to do?” Thanks.

There is the desire LORDwilling, to hopefully meet Edwin (the husband), in order to try to talk with him about the LORD JESUS CHRIST as well.  This family is from South India and have been here in Blytheville since 2009.  There is a very, very strong Catholic presence in their home.  It was mentioned that all of the family (extended) were also Catholic.  Prior to the conversation with Shirley on Tuesday, it was mentioned to one of the Klein’s that maybe the trials (oppositions) that we have encountered here in Blytheville is because the blessing is going to be great.  Come what may, LORDwilling your prayers for us to be found faithful would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.   

In closing dear ones, once again we would like to express how thankful we are to the LORD for your faithful prayers.  We thank the LORD for each you and wish you well.

In CHRISTian love,

Oliver and Tisha Leigh John-Baptiste

John-Baptiste's servants of the LORD JESUS CHRIST

"But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord"