Mike Fitzhugh - March 2016

March 16, 2016

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,


I thought I would update you as to the most recent “happenings” with regard to my health situation.

Overall, I am feeling good physically and am gradually getting back my physical strength and stamina. As my wife continues to remind me, I am still “healing” and it will take a while to get back to “normal.” The same is true when it comes to my “mental” endurance. I find that when I’m reading, studying, and using my eyes and brain (especially while using my desktop computer, I tire easily). However, as each week goes by I seem to gain a little bit more in this area also. PTL!

I was able to preach, teach, and sing this past Lord’s Day over in Holland, Michigan. I attended two meetings at the Holland Gospel Chapel. I sang a solo in the second meeting and then preached a full-length message also. We then went out to lunch with two couples from that assembly. The Lord gave me strength and I thank Him for it. I’m scheduled to speak again twice on March 27th in Grand Rapids. Your prayers for my preparation and delivery both will be greatly appreciated.

Thankfully, I “graduated” yesterday from “speech and language” therapy. I don’t have to return except for a brief evaluation in “occupational therapy” a bit later on. Again, the ongoing obstacle has to do with my eyesight (i.e. “left field vision cut,” “spatial neglect,” and problems with depth perception.). But by God’s grace, I am learning how to overcome all of  these.

At the moment I am still unable to drive which may be a permanent situation. But I still have my faithful wife and “chauffeur” Nona, for whom I am very, very thankful! : )

 Therefore, the “GREAT ADVENTURE” continues!

Blessings to you all!! Thank you much for all your prayers!