Rex & Nancy Trogdon - April 2016

Beloved in our Lord,

I am writing from Spanish Wells in the Bahamas.

Reflecting over the past few weeks of our life, it has been like standing in the ocean with breakers coming at us from every direction. My Mom was diagnosed with bile duct / pancreatic cancer on March 26. She did not want to stay in a nursing home, but at her home so we pulled together as a family to stay with her. On April 6th, while I was in Canada ministering, Nancy and our daughter, Angie, were staying with Mom. At 1 AM Nancy woke with her heart racing and blood pressure dangerously high. Thankfully, our daughter, Angie, who is a trained coronary care nurse, was with her and knew exactly what to do.

While Nancy was in the ER her heart had stopped for 27 seconds and started again. The doctor said that her heart started on its own, but we know who holds our hearts and lives in His hand. Nancy went home to rest while my brother and sister came to stay with Mom. Early Sunday morning, April 10, Mom went home to be with the Lord.

On Tuesday, April 12, I took Nancy to the cardiologist to find out what we needed to do to prevent another episode with her heart racing, etc. The doctor explained that there was another problem. It was not the racing of her heart rate, but also simultaneously, her heart was slow. This is called Atrial Flutter. It can be fatal.

Then we shared with the doctor about Mom and her memorial service coming up on Saturday and also our plans to go to travel to the Bahamas on the following Monday where Nancy was scheduled to speak at the Ladies’ Retreat. He insisted that the only way he would permit was to first install a pacemaker. So, back to the hospital the next day —Wednesday afternoon. It was the right step to take whether we planned to travel to the Bahamas or to stay home. 

On the following Saturday, April 16, we had a Memorial service with about 150 attending. We were honored by their presence and glad to share about our Mom and her faith in Christ and faithfulness to serve the Lord. I presented the Gospel and had a good response. We are still praying for fruit unto salvation and hope that you will pray, too. Nancy was able to make it to the graveside and memorial services, but it was a long day.

Nancy was still in pain when we left early Monday morning, April 18, for the Bahamas. Our daughter in law, Tina, was able to come with us to help Nancy and to travel back home with her after one week. Nancy is making progress day by day, and thanks to many for their prayers for her she spoke at the Ladies’ Retreat giving 7 messages on Women in the Bible. You see, her heart physically needed help, but her heart spiritually is whole-heartedly devoted to the Lord and serving Him and His people. Now, we didn’t do anything that was unadvisable with the doctor. We even asked him three times if he was sure she would be okay to travel by air, in a boat, on the road, and in a golf cart… He said, “Go! Have a good time!” God is so good.

We believe the trip to the Bahamas was good for her to have a restful surrounding as well as an active role in ministry. What could be better for one’s heart than to have it occupied with the Lord Jesus and His Word! 

Today is Wednesday, April 27. Nancy is home and rested. She has a doctor’s appointment today. I am still in the Bahamas and heading out with 35 men for the Men’s Retreat. They have 14 sessions scheduled for me to teach on the Names of God. I will call the series, “Join All the Glorious Names.” My theme verse is “Psalm 9:10 - “Those who know Your name will put their trust in You.”

We have learned more about trusting Him these past few weeks. One thing is certain —we can trust Him who is Faithful and True - and He is good to His name. We covet your prayers as we continue until He says, Stop. We’re so glad that your prayers include you in the work He has called us to do together.

With love in Him,

Rex & Nancy Trogdon