Sue Watt - News - August 2016

News from Sue   August 2016

Since my last letter I have been able to give out 86 bracelets. Monday I met an older man named Ron. As we talked, I learned he was a believer and we had a nice visit. That day I also met a lady named Hilda. She was still learning English, but we communicated fairly well. When we got on the bus, I tried to offer a bracelet to another lady, but she only spoke Spanish. Then Hilda helped me to tell her that I was trying to ask if she had children and wanted bracelets for them. (Maybe I should learn a few key sentences in Spanish.) I had a Spanish tract for her, and she began to read it right away. Tuesday I thought I could do my errands and get home before the rain because the weather report said the big storm was coming in the afternoon. However, while on the way home at 9:00 a.m. the rain began coming down very hard. I decided to stay on the bus to the end of the route and back. That way I would not need to cross the flooded street to catch another bus home. While on the bus, I heard two men speaking in another language. I told them that I had helped people learning English, and then I asked what language they were speaking. They said Farsi (Persian). I didn’t have anything in Farsi, but they knew English, so I gave them the tract, “Your story; Do you know it?” which is a clear Gospel presentation. At the same time, I heard a lady speaking on her cell phone. I thought she was speaking French. I had this same tract in French and she accepted it. I also had a nice talk with a University student who was just here for the summer from Dallas. Near the end of the route, it was only the driver and I, so I talked with her. She accepted a bracelet as I got off the bus. I wasn’t planning this long round trip when I left that morning, but I had some good opportunities.

Recently I had the tall weeds cleaned out of my yard, and made a little trail. It is only 46 steps or a half a minute to go around it, but I have been enjoying it in the early morning before it gets hot. As I walk, I have been reviewing Old Testament verses I memorized while in Bible school. I would encourage you to have verses on cards to meditate on in spare moments even if you don’t feel you are good at memorizing. I am going to do a little study on what the Bible says about meditating on the Word of God.

Attached photographs:

  1. Cut out plastic “flags, “called, “papel picado” that I put on my porch to add some color to my yard.

  2. Around the trial is now full of tall green weeds (some are 19 inches tall!) with all the rain we have had lately.

Sue Watt - News - August 2016

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