Donald Norbie - Colorado - January 2016

This is a letter from Donald Norbie passed on to us from Donna Neilson his daughter. 

Greeley, Colorado

January 2016

Dear friends,

I am writing to you in this way with the aid of my daughter Donna.  She has been a great help to me and serves as my secretary.  We wanted to write to you to let you know how things are at present with me.  

We will be sending this as an email because it is impossible to communicate individually.At present I am living in Rosewood, an assisted living wing of the Bonell complex.  I moved into this apartment a year ago the first of December when I realized I could no longer live alone.  My wife, Marie,  went to be with the Lord on January, 9, 2014, two years ago.  I was thankful I was able to care for her most of the time until she died.  She was in the hospital only two weeks.  She died close to where we lived.  I used to walk across the street to find her room.  She died quietly in her sleep as a result of Alzheimer’s Disease.  I was with her when she died.  She used to say, “I wish we could go together.”  The Lord took her first.  There was a lovely memorial service at the chapel where we used to fellowship.  Many friends spoke with emotion of her Bible teaching and remembered her hospitality.  She was given to hospitality.  It wouldn’t matter who I brought home, she would always graciously make do.About the time of Marie’s going to be with the Lord, I had a stroke and since that time there have been many little strokes.  My eyesight is gone now and walking is very difficult.  I have a walker and am still ambulatory.  I lived in our apartment without Marie for almost a year and then I felt the need to have more care.  So I moved here which is quite an adequate place for me.  They serve meals and do my housekeeping and laundry.  

I try to get out to meetings when I can but at times I simply am not able to make it.  I try to witness to various ones of the staff and residents here.  My ministry is now largely written and is made up of books from years past.  The most recent books published are Colossians, a book of poetry titled He Died Climbing, and another book called Exploring the Book, an Introduction to the World of the Bible.So we wait for that glad day when we shall go to be with the Lord, nevermore to know the sad parting of death.  I appreciate friends coming by and saying hello.  It was good to see several from out of state this year.  Thank you for your Christmas cards and letters.  It was so good to hear from you.I trust that you will have a good New Year enjoying the Lord and living for Him.  I love Him and desire to finish well for Him.  Be assured of my love for you.

warmly in Christ,

Don Norbie

Hebrews 12:1,2