Curtis and Mavis Holmes - January 2016

Praise The Lord:
-He has honored us seniors to serve Him in two prisons.
-For daily, strength, wisdom, protection and healing.
-Inmate who is saved, and was very distraught til reminded of God's love=Joy
-Spiritual breakthrough in Bible class last night, (OD)
-This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! (PS. 118:24)

Please pray for:
-Forgiveness class tonight, from guilt and shame
-1:1 counseling inmates.
-Men's Bible study, with Curtis
-Inmate who is saved, abused, and mom committed suicide etc...
-Three parents of inmates died this week (1 in heaven)!
-Family members need God's victory, encouragement.
-Prison staff who need God's touch.
-Jesus, Heal the broken heart, and set the captives free on the inside.
-Memorizing scriptures.

Thanks very, very much for your prayers are a vital part of this ministry.

God bless you,

Curtis & Mavis
Phil. 3:10