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Augusta 19, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Well it is mid Aug and still I have not given you a schedule for your prayer efforts. The story of getting caught up from a month away has occupied my time and energy. The Lord has been good to restore the status quo as far as life back home is concerned.

Let us first thank you all for praying for our time in California and the travel between here and there and there and here accumulating about 7000 miles in the process. Safety is a special need in the crowded and challenging roads of the San Francisco Bay area. The Lord gave help driving not only in the day when the traffic was heavy, but at night when it was lighter and in the rush hours when the traffic was astonishing.  We are grateful for a reliable car and the wisdom of the Lord to make quick decisions.

We are delighted to carry on some ministry to missionaries even when we are traveling in the US. A delightful time with Gordon and Florence Wakefield was a blessing to us and, through your prayer, they said it was to them. An opportunity for ministry in nearby Kansas City was a real encouragement as we addressed the need for pastoral care for missionaries.  Then too it was a joy to spend a couple of nights with Don and Barb Hudson in Franklin, TN. Always a blessing whenever we can get near them.

The ministry, for which we drove that long way, was a delight for us and a joy to feed the hungry of the Lord’s people. The six local churches, each different but all seeking the Lord’s glory in their service, was encouraged to press on in Worship, Fellowship and Evangelism. Continue to pray the seed sown will find accommodating soil in many hearts.

The time spent in the Bay Area for ministry was augmented for the first time by staying with Dan and Rosana and family in Fremont where they are operating a Chick-Fil-A restaurant. The Lord has given them many opportunities to display the graces of Christ in a challenging vocation among a liberal culture.

The drive home was truncated by pressing on to get home with a couple of long days driving. Our first stop was to check in on dear friends (Doug and Jeannie Crabb) in Apple Valley, CA for a night and early departure heading east. Best of all was to drop in on our two married granddaughters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. They are all doing fine in their roles and responsibilities as husband and wife.

Another long trip lies ahead of us by air to South Africa. Still we are waiting for the details but what we know of our time in South Africa is noted in the schedule at the bottom of the page for your prayerful exercise.

Notes on the family include two grand’s who are out of college and working happily at their chosen discipline. Then the two mentioned above who were married in Jan and May of this year are also gainfully employed matching their college studies somewhat. This leaves two as juniors in college, one a freshman in college and the youngest of our nine is a senior in high school. Your prayers for many decisions in this stage of their lives are vital to their future.

On the 15th of next month we will leave for a month of ministry in South Africa. Pray for finalizing plans for each day of service to the Lord’s people in several venues. We look forward to visiting many missionaries in each of the places we will be.  One delightful aspect of this visit is greeting many friends we have been with many times over the past 30 years of serving missionaries around the world. South Africa was exceptional and it made it on our schedule about 10 times I think in these years.

Please bear up the ministry of the Word and visits to the Lord’s servants in South Africa in prayer as the Lord leads you.

Ministry for Fred and Jenny Kosin (DV)

  • Aug – Faith Bible Fellowship Raleigh NC

  • Sep 4 Ireland St, Burlington, NC

  • Sept 11 Myrtle Beach Bible, SC

  • Sept 18-24 Portlands Gospel, Cape Town, South Africa

  • 24-30Hebron Assembly, Cape Town SA

  • Sep 31-Oct 10 Plettenburg Bay, SA

  • Oct 11-14 Kwa Zulu Natal Churches, Durban Area, SA

  • 15KZ Natal Leadership Conference, Port Shepstone, SA

  • 16Oslo Beach,  Port Shepstone, SA

We may have more details before we wing our way south and east to our dear friends in SA. In this way we are serving the Greatest Master,

Fred and Jenny Kosin

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