Sue Watt - News - June 2016

News from Sue   June 2016

Some people have asked, “What do the bracelets look like?” Photo one; bead box, spool of lacing, my tract and the word-less book tracts in other languages. (Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Romanian, Haitian Creole) Please pray that I will have opportunities in these languages. I have never given any in Romanian or Haitian.  





Photo two; the bracelets have 5 beads; yellow, black, red (heart shaped), white, and green.

The tract uses verses to tell, yellow = God is Light; Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Black= darkness, all have sinned and face judgment. The red heart = God’s love, the need of the shed blood of Christ, His death and resurrection. White = forgiveness and eternal life, trusting in God’s Son. Green = growth, reading God’s Word.

Photo three; I am prepared to go on the bus, hat, water bottle and purse full of bracelets and tracts.

Since my last newsletter, I have given out 157 bracelets. The most interesting stories follow. A Muslim lady of Turkish decent and I were having a good conversation, but she needed to get off the bus. She did accept an Arabic tract. Another was an incoming freshman at the Catholic High school near my house. He accepted a detailed tract telling the whole story of the Bible, and bracelets for his sisters. A few days ago, I went to the grocery store very early because of the hot weather. I was surprised to see Judy who I told about in my April letter. She said that she gave the bracelets to her daughters in Chicago when she visited there recently. Then there was a lady with a cane on bus #15. We both got off at the station. I noticed she was talking to the driver of another bus, but was not getting on the bus. Then she started walking toward me. “Did you see if I had my purse with me when I got off bus # 6?” I answered, “No, I did not notice, but we were not on bus #6, but bus #15.” We started toward the other bus. I walked faster and was happy to see a purse sitting on the dashboard of the bus. She was so happy she gave me a hug. Thank you for praying for these opportunities.


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