Douglas Family Update - June 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We want to thank everyone for praying for the people we share the Gospel with and those who we study the scriptures with throughout the week.  The following are some items we are asking prayer for:

Kelly met a family who lives 2 blocks from us this past winter and has had a burden for them.  Our family has been praying for them and making various visits/follow-ups over the last 4 to 5 months.  "J", the husband, has a very rare form of cancer; the cancer started in his leg and is now is his lungs and brain.  Recently, Johnny was able to meet with "J" and share the Gospel starting from Genesis (how sin came through Adam) to present day (Lord's salvation message). They sat on J's porch sharing with one another for nearly an hour and a half.  After this time with J, he said he and his family would like to come over for dinner and tour the home we are living in (he and his family also live in a historic old house). Neither he or his wife are saved and they have a 7 year old daughter.  Please pray nothing inhibit this meeting (health issues, "J's" strength. busyness...)  Our whole family has been praying for this family for several months since Kelly first met them this past winter and we are praising the Lord for His grace and mercy.  

"M", her son, and her boyfriend - "M" has been attending Bible studies with Kelly and is now understanding the Gospel.  She is very excited about reading and learning the scriptures.  "M" called recently and excitedly told Kelly that her boyfriend (who previously had no interest in anything regarding God, church, or the Bible) bought a pictorial Bible to start to read and has had many questions for M.  It seems as if there may be a growing zeal for the Gospel and for the Word of God for "M" and her boyfriend. Also her son is in the children's Bible study withe Kelly.

We are excited for "C", for her zeal for the Bible and faithfulness to the Sunday evening group study she comes to.  When the study began she believed if you do the best you can in life, practice what you believe to the best of your best ability and not pray to the devil - a person is good standing with God.  That understanding is definitely changing as she sees Christ is the only way of salvation!  "C" is the mother of " M."

Pray for the children's Bible study Kelly leads at our house. Pray for "C" and "M" and  "A."  "C" and "M" did not know the Gospel when they first started meeting but they both are definitely understanding the Gospel message with more and more clarity now.  "A" seemed to understand the Gospel well when the Bible study began.    

Pray for Jack's professors "N" and "K".  Jack, our 17 year old son, invited professor "K" to our home for dinner and we shared the Gospel with her and gave her a CD. She has had a difficult life and we do not believe she is saved. Kelly plans to go back and visit with her again and encourage her to read the Bible.  Pray for "N" who has a lost a child recently and she is grieving.  "N" has requested that Kelly and I speak with her about her loss.  We are not sure of "N" spiritual standing, we are scheduled to meet with her in two days.


Pray for several follow-up visits. A young couple who are wanting to eventually home school their young kids; they profess to believe.  Luke, 15 year old son, wants us to speak about the Gospel with two different older people he met through his mowing business, our neighbors who state they want to do a Bible study but are too busy, M and K our old neighbors from across town who would like to come over for dinner (Jack asked them over as he works for them at times)

Pray for strength for our hospitality ministry.  We have dedicated our home, we pray, to being a witness for Christ within our community.  We have made most Friday evenings as the day for hospitality at our home.  We invite many different people for dinner and lovingly share the Gospel with them, also at times we invite fellow believers over for dinner and fellowship.  We are praising and thanking the Lord for His faithfulness and fruitfulness.   

We were recently blessed to host 3 young adults who are believers from the east coast.  Our family and these young adults went to Lawrence to share the Gospel.  We were encouraged to see them pass out tracts and speak with people. We also took them to the homeless shelter in Lawrence.  Johnny also had the pleasure of sharing the Gospel with the young men while going door-to-door in Ottawa. Our family enjoyed their joy for the Lord and warm fellowship very much.  We pray it was a profitable time for them as well. 


Please continue to pray for the work and evangelism in Ottawa, Lawrence, and Kansas City. We have been going to Kansas City as a family on some Friday mornings or afternoons to evangelize, we thank the Lord for our children's willingness and zeal to labor with us.  Pray for Johnny and family's monthly Gospel/Bible teachings at the nursing home and assisted living center for the residents to understand and recently some of the staff have been listening in too!  Lastly, pray for the several Bible studies we do at our home during the week.   

Please pray for Morning Star Bible Camp in Lawrence.  Our whole family will be serving/participating in the camp. Pray for many children to be saved and others to be encouraged in the Lord.  

After much prayer and seeking the Lord's direction the Douglas family, with much excitement and thankfulness, will be in joyful fellowship at Eastside Bible Fellowship in Lawrence KS.

Thank you for praying!

In Christ with love,

Johnny and Kelly Douglas