Mark and Tami Swaim - April 2016 Upadate.

May, 2016
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Through the years of service for the Lord, as it ought to be with all the Lord’s people, we have learned many lessons, in faith, in service, in holiness, in humility. And there are many more lessons to learn. So few are the years we have, and so much to learn of what it means to be in Christ, like Christ, to enjoy Him as a magnificent Savior, a wonderful Shepherd, a faithful High Priest, and a glorious Son. He is all this and more. As a result, we can launch out into the deep, leave behind the rest we have enjoyed in green pastures, and pursue a deeper relationship with the One who has become our life.

Tami and I want to express again our thanks and appreciation for your prayers and interest in the way the Lord has led us. Each of us has a story to tell, about the deep grace of God that has been displayed in us. We are thankful for that grace, and for the Lord’s provisions.
Ministry in January In January I spent 1 week in Portugal and 3 weeks in Poland. In Portugal, Peter Cerquiera, commended from Rhode Island, invited me to be a speaker at a conference in 2015. That opened doors for a return in January. He organized 7 meetings in 7 places, in Lisbon in the North of Portugal. It was really nice to be able to help Peter and encourage him in the work the Lord has given him to do. In Poland, there were 30 meetings in 16 places over a 3 week period. The Bible programs in Krakow and Tychy continues to be an encouragement. There was also intensive Bible teaching in Palowice. The gospel work among the gypsies also continued with 5 hours of gospel preaching. There is also work among Syrian believers who Polish brethren have been able to bring to Poland. This work continues with the plan now to bring over 8 more families. The Lord has provided the resources for this to happen.

Ministry in May In May I will be in Portugal again for 1 week and Poland for 3 weeks. This is made possible by flying to Poland through Portugal. I thus spend a few days at the beginning and end of the trip in Portugal. In Portugal, the brethren in the North have organized 3 nights of special meetings. It is expected that 10 assemblies in the region will join in these meetings. There will also be opportunities to speak at other assemblies, including the new assembly work in Lisbon, started by brother Pedro Balbosa. It has been a joy to get to know him and encourage him in the work. In Poland, I am expected to speak in about 15 assemblies. Some are mentioned below:

1. Special informal conferencein Palowice for Syrian Believers (May 7)
2. Bible Conference in Balin on the supremacy of Christ in Colossians (May 8)
3. Bible program in Krakow on Sanctification (May 13-14)
4. Bible program in Tychy on passing the work to a new generation (May 20-21)

Ministry in the USA In the USA, Mark continues his preaching and teaching ministry in various assemblies. From February to April, there were meetings in GA, MD, NY, NJ, MA, and PA. Together with Tami, we have been involved in discipling a few people locally. We will not mention specifics in this letter, but ask for continued wisdom and prayer as we seek to help individuals, couples and families in our local area. In family news, we ask for prayer for our children, 3 of whom are teenagers (Joshua, Zachary, Elliot), 2 of whom are on the autism spectrum (Joel and Daniel) and our daughter, Moriah. All will be participating this summer in the National Bible Bee which has been a great encouragement to our children and their spiritual growth.

In Christ,
Mark and Tami Swaim
1760 White Oak Road
Strasburg, PA 17579