Storybook Lodge - Camp Update - April 2016

Greetings!  It’s 51 degrees with swamp-like conditions around camp as the snow turns to puddles. Summer is coming! 

SBL Father/Son Retreat (May 13-15)

The next retreat at SBL will be our annual Father/Son Retreat.  Remarkably Cedar Island Lake has been open for several weeks.  It usually opens up around this time of year.  I don’t know what this means for fishing, but I’ll promise to help you eat the fish if you catch them!

--I’ll be leading studies on Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 17-20; 1 Kings 22:47-50; 2 Kings 3).  If we happen to get this king searched out from the Scriptures, Hezekiah is next.  You fathers & sons who plan to attend are encouraged to study what God’s Word reports on this king & share it when we gather. 

--We have 7 father/son combos signed up presently.  That means there’s still plenty of room for you if you are able to join us!

--The SBL Board will be gathering at camp on April 30th & would value your prayers for the Lord’s wisdom & direction at this time.


Summer Camp #s                   Campers                     Staff

1st Junior Camp (full)               120                              45+

1st Teen Camp                         27 boys/45 girls          3

2nd Junior Camp                       23 boys/42 girls          15

1st Family Camp                      20 families

Junior High Camp                    22 boys/40 girls          11

3rd Junior Camp                       37 boys/20 girls          22

Girls Camp                              40 girls                           14

Senior Teen                             6 boys/20 girls               5

2nd Family Camp                      32 families

3rd Family Camp                      9 families


--As you can see, we need teen camp counselors most of all.  If one can’t counsel for both weeks of the 1st Teen Camp, coming for one week may work out.  Thanks for praying!

--We’ve just heard this week that Jim & Sue Ulfers have announced their retirement after serving for 10 years at camp.  Jim was a proficient helper in the kitchen & in helping Jerry with chores during the summer.  We have good memories of Jim’s willing service & Sue’s bubbliness in the bakery when she was able to be with us! 

--So, Jerry is open for someone to help him with breakfast, running the dishwasher & doing the summer chores at camp. 

--Jordan & Ruth may need to be in cabins to counsel.  Otherwise, Jordan would be a good helper with Jerry & Ruth would be a good kitchen worker as she has experience there. 

--Jordan & Ruth returned from their challenging honeymoon after one week.  I say challengingbecause both of them got sick towards the end of their first week together.  BUT, I heard them promise at their wedding that they would stick with each other in sickness as well as in health!


Thanks for your prayers as the summer camps get closer.  Preparation of heart is at the top of myprayer list.


Safe in Him,

Uncle Bill