Scott DeGroff - Spring 2016 - New Ministry

Dear saints of God,

I have, for years, had a deep burning burden for the NA church...... Since the Lord has sat me down, He has led me to do videos for the encouragement and help of Gods people. 

We are putting together a website that will host the videos and other helpful bits as the Lord leads. We will share the videos on Facebook, google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.....

So, if a person wants to, they can "subscribe" to my YouTube channel and then, Lord willing, benefit personally or share for the benefit of others...... There are three videos on the channel so far. My goal is to put out one "thought" a week and may do full length messages as well as the Lord directs. 

Below is the link to the latest video.....

Please pray the Lord leads and helps in this and that He gets 100% of the glory from this effort......

I love and miss so many of you! And the rest of you I look forward to meeting! :)

Lord bless

Sent from Scott DeGroff

Click here or on photo below to see video