Johnny & Kelly Douglass - April 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

 It is good to be writing to you all once more.  The Lord, as always, has been very gracious and good to our family.  We are thankful for His faithfulness, care, attention, and most of all His love.

 We are enjoying the new house, and are grateful for our health which has drastically improved since we moved.  Jack and Joseph do have some mild lingering symptoms, but they are not comparable to what they endured at the old house. The rest of us are back to normal and feeling healthy.

 By God's grace, Johnny continues to publicly preach the Gospel in Lawrence and Kansas City as well as doing door-to door evangelism in Ottawa and Baldwin City.  We also thank the Lord that He has allowed continued access for Johnny to teach the Word of God and share the Gospel at both the nursing home and assisted living facilities in town. We all go as family when we can.  Please continue to pray for for the spiritually lost, that their eyes will be opened.

 The Lord has graciously allowed several Bible studies with people from Ottawa. Our Wednesday study with Carolyn continues. Carolyn was saved during the Romans study over a year and half ago.  We are currently studying the Gospel of John with her.  We are also hopeful and praying for her husband, Bert.  It has been 2 years since Johnny first knocked on their door and shared the Gospel at which time Bert acknowledged he was as atheist.  However, through the course of time and relationships having been established between our family and theirs and most importantly Carolyn's example to her husband, Bert has gone from atheist to considering there could exist an all knowing, all powerful Creator God.   Please pray that Bert will actually attend the Bible studies (he has stated he would consider it recently, but has not come yet), for the conviction of sin, and for Bert's salvation.

 We are very happy for the starting of our group Bible study.  We are studying Romans on Sunday nights.  Please pray for Cathy whom we met at her door and Neil who are not believers.  Neil would describe himself as a Catholic but he is not necessarily a strong adherent to Catholicism.  Cathy knows the Lord Jesus is good, but believes believing in God is what we must do as long as we are good and follow a good religion  but she does not understand the implications of her sin of unbelief.  

 Kelly is meeting with Melanie and Janie on Thursday early evening.  We believe Melanie is saved and know that Janie is saved, but both want to grow more in the Word of God.  Kelly plans to use and study from the Basic Christian Training workbook.  Please pray for these 2 women.

 The Lord has also provided Kelly with another Bible study with Mari.  She has knowledge of the Bible but we are not sure of her spiritual standing before the Lord.  

 The Lord has also purposed in our hearts to open our home to people in our neighborhood and community.  Jack, our oldest son, has been sharing the Gospel, at times, with some of the students at our local Community College he attends.  We are pleased that some have accepted our dinner invitation.  A Kenyan student came and we all had a wonderful time.  We are not sure if Dennis is saved, for he has never read or studied the Bible himself.   We gave him 2 CD's (The Greatest Gift, The Uniqueness of Christianity), and A New Testament Bible.  Pray for wisdom, listening and mostly love for these people as we hope to share the Gospel with them. 

 Johnny likes to take our children with him when he evangelizes.  Luke has distributed Gospel tracts in Kansas City.  Jack has helped his father go door to door in Lawrence while the other children go with dad door-to-door in Ottawa.  Luke would like to invite a family form the aviation club he is part of to our house as well.  We thank the Lord for the hospitality opportunities but please pray for our strength and for all of the preparations that must be done for all who may come to our home. 

 We would like to say a big 'thank you' to the Klein family from St. Louis with whom we shared the Gospel in downtown Lawrence.  Our family and the Klein family sang hymns together before Johnny publicly preached.  We all partnered into different teams to distribute tracts downtown.

 Please pray for the Children's Bible study on Sundays which Kelly leads and Jack and Luke assist.  We also have a desire and pray, Lord willing, to start one at our home during the week with a smaller and more serious group.  There may be the opportunity to try to reach out to kids this summer hanging out on the streets. Literally sharing the Gospel and teaching from God's Word on street corners with children (street clubs).   

 Lastly, thank you for praying for the work in Ottawa as well as other places.  We are so very grateful for your love, care, and prayers for our family.      

In Christ with love,

Johnny and Kelly Douglas