News From Sue Watt March 21016

When I give Gospel literature, most people just mumble a thank you and stick it in their pocket. Sometimes a woman will put on the good news bracelet. However, I have three stories to tell you, when the Lord had me at the right place at just the right time.

I had gone to the university to hand out literature. Every two weeks they set up tents for campus organizations to try to interest students in their group. However, this time the music was so loud that I did not stop, but continued walking through the campus to the other side. I went to a bus stop that I do not usually use. Within a few minutes a Muslim women came and sat down. She not only had a head covering, but her nose and mouth were also covered. I asked if she read Arabic as I offered her a tract in Arabic. She said yes, and took it. Just then, a car drove up and she left. She was only at that bus stop about one minute.


One weekend I went to the university to take a walk. However, when I was ready to go home I missed the bus. Since on the weekends the buses only run once an hour, I decided to walk across campus and ride a different bus that would come sooner. There was a man and woman at the bus stop. I offered the woman a bracelet, but the man spoke up and said, “She does not speak English”. He knew some English, so I learned they were from Brazil and were here to study English at the university. I knew I had tract in Portuguese in my purse. Her eyes lit up when she saw it was in her language! When I bought those tracts, I had never met anyone from Brazil. It was their very first time to ride the bus, so I was able to help them with some information.

Another time I missed a bus, I walked 1 ½ miles across campus to another bus. An older man was sitting at the bus stop. I learned he was a refugee from Iran. He had attended an American university many years ago, so he spoke good English. We had a very thought provoking discussion about Islam and about America. He accepted a tract in English, as I had none in Arabic with me. The next day, I was going to the university to use the computer. Just as I sat down the Lord directed my attention across the room. I only saw the back of his head, but I thought it was the man from Iran. I walked over and sure enough, it was that same man. I was able to give him a tract in Arabic. The more I thought about one of his questions the more I wanted to write out a few thoughts for him and give him a tract about evolution. The next day, I went to the same place and he was at the same computer. He again accepted the literature. He seems to have a soft heart.

Please pray for the people in these three stories. Pray I will have daily wisdom for decisions and taking any new opportunities the Lord opens up. I am looking into some new areas in addition to literature.


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