News From Sue Watt -Feb- 2016

First, a short report on the Tucson Gem show. I thought it would be a great opportunity to give out literature, but I found it took too much of my energy traveling and walking to find places. However, one day I met a woman and her son visiting from Oregon. She used to work here in Tucson and remembered seeing me since I bought things from that store. I gave her a tract and found out she was a believer.  I gave her son some gospel coins in foreign languages for his coin collection. Another day, I enjoyed seeing some beautiful gems, fossils and dinosaur bones. I had seen photos of fossils in creation magazines, but I had not seen any in person since I was a child at the Los Angeles museum. There is so much evidence of a Creator and the flood!

I asked for prayer in my January newsletter that I could find someone who reads Turkish and someone who reads Russian. I was given Gospel books in those two languages. A week ago, I met a University student from Turkey on the bus. She accepted a tract I had with me in Turkish, but I did not have the book with me. I went home and got the book hoping I might find her at the building for studying English on campus. I didn’t find her. A week later, I rode the same bus at the same time hoping she would be on it, but she was not on that bus.

Another time on the bus, I handed a bracelet to an older Asian woman with a girl that looked about five years old. The woman said, “Thank you, thank you” in Chinese to me. I know she said, “Thank you” because I know two words in Chinese, “hello” and “thank you”. I am guessing that she was a visiting grandmother who was picking up the child from school. (The child was wearing a school shirt.) I said “Hello” to them in Chinese as I left the bus because I don’t know how to say “Goodbye”!

I find it amazing the people God brings into my life. When I give some people a bracelet, they respond with an attitude of “this makes my day.” Other people refuse to take it, but most people will accept it when they know it is free. A few people have wanted to pay me for it, but I never accept. However, the other day a woman insisted I take an apple.

Another day, I decided to put some extra tracts in other languages in my purse. (I have a bag with lots of materials, but it is rather heavy to carry every day.) That day I met a Chinese university student on the bus and gave her both English and Chinese tracts. Another time I was able to give one in German. The bus drivers are usually quiet, but this one driver was very talkative. I learned she had come from Germany about 35 years ago, so I gave her a tract in German as well as English.

On January 28, I printed the new wordless book tract to give with the bracelets. I have given out 77 of them since that time. Thank you for praying for me. Please pray for my Chinese friend, Irene; she has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She is only about 43 years old.

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