News from Sue January 2016

The big thing on my mind these days is the Annual Tucson Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Show. I went to the Tucson Visitors’ Center a few days ago to get more information. The woman there said the pamphlets telling about it had just arrived. I was the first to get a copy. The pamphlet tells all the times that various booths are open, and which ones are open to the public.  It also has maps showing the locations and special shuttle buses.  I noticed there is even an area of town with bead sellers. I think that would be an interesting area to hand out the wordless book bracelets!

Even though I have lived in Tucson over ten years, I have never been to the Gem show. I hope to attend as much as I am able to give out Gospel literature. The locations are spread all over town. Besides the bracelets, I will have other tracts and Gospels of John. Pray for His opportunities for me. There will be people from all over the world coming to buy and sell. I have some literature in other languages and one book in Russian and one book in Turkish that a friend from Rock International sent to me to give away.

I was working on a Word-less book tract to go with the bracelets. The kind of tract I was using was for children and I wanted to have something more for adults. I had a few setbacks with the project. For a while, I decided to continue using the children’s tracts. However, when I called to order them, the woman helping me said they had just been told that their organization was no longer offering the free children’s Bible study. These tracts were printed on heavy card stock because it included a pull off prepaid post card for the Bible study. Now that that the studies are no longer offered, I felt the cost of the tract was far too high.  Because of this news, I returned to making a simple tract. It is almost finished. I hope to print some this week before the Gem show begins January 29. (It ends February 14.) I also want to make more bracelets. I have 140 bracelets made right now. (It takes me about two minutes to make one.) Thank you for your prayers.

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