Fred & Jenny Kosin - January 2016

Fred & Jenny Kosin 2408 Bennett Dr Darlington, SC 29532


Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

A New Year has come upon us so it must be appropriate to give you the news from our place on this path for pilgrims. A pilgrim is helped by sign posts along the way, like the mile markers on the Interstates. But I do wish at the bottom of each mile marker they would tell us how far we have to go to the state line not just how far we have come. When you go west on the interstate you start at a big number and go down to 1. But when you go east you are told that you are starting at one but not how far you have to go to the next state.  If you start on I-20 in Texas you see mile marker 1. But how far is it before you get to Louisiana?

That is much like life. We can look back and know how far we have come. The calendar we just threw out tells us our most recent steps on this pathway.  But we do not know how much longer we are to travel this road until a voice says “Come up here!” This is why it is called a walk of faith. It takes less faith to travel a road you use daily then to travel a road you have never been on before. How is it we can drive at an enormous speed (like 80 MPH in Texas) with little concern for what might be over the next hill if we have never been on this road before. I suppose that is an element of faith.

We used to take a map and find the fastest and best routes. There seems to be a scarcity of maps in this day of GPS’s with voices and vignettes to tell us where to go. I fear that our lack of dependence on maps may in fact make it harder to get where we want to go if for some reason the GPS system is suspended. What confusion would result.

An interesting observation on our pilgrimage is that the map makers whether on paper or electronics teach us; they have been there before us and therefore can give us guidance which we can receive with confidence. What good is a map by someone who has never been there before? Yet this is one huge area of confusion in our society. How many counselors who have never been on the “pilgrimage of the believer” are sent by the world to give directions to saints starting out or still progressing on their trip?

One of the precious and significant values of the Word of God is that a multitude of folks who have been on and finished their pilgrimage are available to guide the traveler of today. The Scripture tells us that no situation can arise that is not in some way covered in the guide book for life – the Bible. No one in their right mind would accept directions for a trip from one who has not traveled the road before, when careful instructions are available from those who have traveled the very road and successfully negotiated every twist and turn and every hill and hurdle.

Why go to see a counselor who is lost on the pathway of life and ask him for directions for the rest of the journey. It is the lost counselor who should be asking directions in life from the believer who has at least started the journey by faith in Christ.  Yet so many “troubled believers” (Jn 14:1) are sitting on the physiologist couch listening to the philosophy of the world hoping for directions for a believer’s life.  In so many other areas of life someone who is lost and not even on the right path is dispensing principles of life misguided believers are scooping up as truth.

A map, like the Bible, is from someone Who has walked the pathway perfectly and has divulged the lives of so many who have also walked on ahead of us. It not only tells us where we have been but tells us where we are going. The travel system the Lord has outlined is of course far superior to any crafted by man. Trust Him for starting this journey from earth to glory. Trust Him and His Word for sustaining you all along the way. And trust Him for a satisfying conclusion in the Father’s house to which all believers are headed.

So, as the Hymn says “How good is the God we adore… We’ll praise Him for all that is past, and trust Him for all that’s to come” Yes! We begin the New Year offering our praise and trust.

This year began with a wonderful family time of the wedding, of our oldest Granddaughter Lindsey, in College Station, TX. What a blessing to hear the ceremony and offer prayer for the beginning of their pilgrimage together.

In the rest of family news, Wes and Laurie continue much the same with their two children gainfully and enjoyably employed, Evan is immersed in computers and Leigh in the editorial department of Bob Jones Press in Greeneville, SC. Dan and Rosana continue adjusting their lives and business after a year as Owner/Operators of a Chick-fil-A in Fremont, CA. Their oldest flew from their nest joining Evan in marriage mentioned above. Their second daughter Nicole is engaged to be married to Nik in May and then embark on a nursing degree.  Next is Zak who is in his second year at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. Finally Amada, is a junior in high school and the only one still at home in CA. 

Roy and Tracey are in a year of transition for sure. Roy has been appointed to the Bible and Theology Department at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA. Many changes including weather, vocation, ministry, lodging, employment, community, support, location and many other unseen adjustments are on the horizon of the next six months at least. Webb their oldest is in his second year at Clemson University studying Materials Engineering (Ceramic). Jennifer is a first year student where her dad is teaching. Lauren has been accepted in several colleges but is drawn to Clemson University to begin freshman studies in the fall. The huge transition will demand considerable determination and perseverance for which this family appreciates your prayers.

This year by the numbers have several sign or mile posts ahead. 50 years ago we left CA for FL in a rented truck with all our possessions and 2 ½ children. Roy was born in Florida during the summer of 1966. Being in “full time” service for the Lord and His people was a huge adjustment for our young family experiencing similar constraints as Roy and Tracey are facing now. 30 years ago we made another challenging alteration from a largely pastoral ministry to “Serving missionaries around the world.” That change was filled with hurdles and some opposition we did not expect, but the Lord has been faithful every step and every passing mile post. This year also marks 55 years since we stood in a little chapel in NJ and committed our lives to each other by saying, “I do!” In addition Jenny will accept the designation of being 77 years old and I one more than that. Those are the salient markers we will pass (Lord willing) during the course of this year. Other minor but meaningful events will be noted and of course some unexpected and unplanned moments will be registered as we proceed.

What you have read over the last 12 months in our occasional missives gives us and you great reason to offer praise. The New Year for us is founded on the same spiritual principles, same Biblical promises, same divine providence, same practical provision, same personal presence and the same heavenly prospect. That makes this next leg of the journey a delight to see what the Lord will do.

We continue to enjoy good health, the blessing of a family that is following the Lord, a faith that is greater than it was, a perseverance that faces greater challenges, a hope that is undimmed by the world situation, a provision that is unstinted, a book that is unchanged, a message that is unparalleled, a home that is unequaled, and a desire that is as yet unsatisfied. Even so come Lord Jesus.

Below is a prospective schedule of planned ministry opportunities for us. It is incomplete at the moment but monthly we will update it for your perusal.  Many download the schedule and keep it near them when they pray, that is invaluable. If you would like hard copies or attached copies let us know and we will send them to you. Your involvement in our lives as the Lord leads you is augmented by your intercession for us. Your participation allows us to continue

Serving the greatest Master, 

Fred and Jenny

Ministry for Fred & Jenny Kosin [DV]

AD 2016        


  JAN - Faith Bible, Raleigh, NC         

  FEB - Community Bible, Florence, SC         

   MAR 6 - Myrtle Beach SC

                        13 - Ireland St Burlington, NC

                        20 - 

                        27 - Summerville, SC

  APR3 - Southside, Jacksonville FL

            10- 24 - Faith Bible, Raleigh NC

  MAY 1- 29 -Shirley Heights, Nassau, Bahamas

  JUN 5 – 12 - Waynesville Christian, NC

            19 - Terrill Road, Fanwood NJ

            21 - Linwood Gospel, NJ

            22 - Grace Chapel, Tenifly, NJ

            23 - South Branch Bible, NJ

            26 - Terrill Road, Fanwood NJ

  JUL 3 -

            10,17,19,24 Fairhaven Bible, San Leandro, CA

            20 - Sun Valley Bible, Lafayette, CA

            26- Parkside Gospel. San Francisco CA

            27 - Napa, CA

            31- Rohnert Park Bible, CA

  AUG - Faith Bible Fellowship, Raleigh, NC

  SEP 4 - Ireland St, Burlington, NC

            11- Myrtle Beach, SC

            18 - 24 - Portlands Gospel, Cape Town, SA

            25 -30 - Hebron Assembly, Cape Town, SA

  OCT 2 -10 Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

            11 - 14 Durban SA

            15 - KZ Natal Leaders Conference SA

            16 - Oslo Beach, SA

            23 – Conover Gospel, NC, 

            30 – Summerville Bible, SC

  NOV 6 & 9-  FairbluffBible, Charlotte, NC

            13 & 16 - FairbluffBible, Charlotte, NC

            20 - Fairbluff Bible, Charlotte, NC

            27- Hiawassa Bible, Orlando, FL

  DEC 4- Hiawassa Bible, Orlando, FL

            11 - Myrtle Beach SC

            18 - Summerville Bible SC

            25 -