Burson Update August 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

Our trip to visit Kristen's sister and family was truly wonderful.  We are so thankful we had this opportunity!  We had an excellent time together, meeting their friends and getting a much better idea of what their life is like.  We thoroughly enjoyed the sight-seeing, too.  Here we are in the baptistry of the basilica where the canon of Scripture was recognized.


We are thankful for safe travels, and are mostly recovered.  Thank you to those of you who were praying for us.

Kristen and the kids are back into school now.  Stephanie is improving in her reading.  By the end of this year I expect she'll be a really solid reader, which will be a big help to Kristen as she teaches!

I was able to release a beta version of Map Creator 2.0, and I've received some very valuable feedback.  I'm fixing bugs and incorporating a few final components as my partner gets them ready.  I plan to release another beta around the end of this month.  Please pray that any major bugs will be discovered and fixed before the general release.

I received this from a worker in eastern Europe this morning:  "May this tool be used for the Glory of the Lord! I absolutely love to put maps and charts in the stuff I give folks when I'm teaching/preaching. Your tool helps since I can put it in their language quickly and with good quality. Thanks for your hard work!"

Thanks for being a part of making this possible!

Love in Christ,
David, Kristen, Jonathan & Stephanie

Dr. Donovan Case regarding new book just released

Dear Partners in Ministry,

I have been working on this book for some time now and it has just been released, It is called HISTORY OF AFRICAN AMERICAN ASSEMBLIES IN U.S. (Including Caribbean American Assemblies). If you go to amazon.com You can now look inside. For orders of multiple copies Contact: Donovan Case @ 636-497-0578 This book seeks to tell the stories of how God worked through immigrants from the Caribbean Islands who came to Harlem, New York around 1900, and what these brave souls did to spread the Good News among themselves and the African American Communities.   

I trust it is of interest to you.


Bro. Case


2408 Bennett Dr Darlington, SC 29532 USA

Augusta 19, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Well it is mid Aug and still I have not given you a schedule for your prayer efforts. The story of getting caught up from a month away has occupied my time and energy. The Lord has been good to restore the status quo as far as life back home is concerned.

Let us first thank you all for praying for our time in California and the travel between here and there and there and here accumulating about 7000 miles in the process. Safety is a special need in the crowded and challenging roads of the San Francisco Bay area. The Lord gave help driving not only in the day when the traffic was heavy, but at night when it was lighter and in the rush hours when the traffic was astonishing.  We are grateful for a reliable car and the wisdom of the Lord to make quick decisions.

We are delighted to carry on some ministry to missionaries even when we are traveling in the US. A delightful time with Gordon and Florence Wakefield was a blessing to us and, through your prayer, they said it was to them. An opportunity for ministry in nearby Kansas City was a real encouragement as we addressed the need for pastoral care for missionaries.  Then too it was a joy to spend a couple of nights with Don and Barb Hudson in Franklin, TN. Always a blessing whenever we can get near them.

The ministry, for which we drove that long way, was a delight for us and a joy to feed the hungry of the Lord’s people. The six local churches, each different but all seeking the Lord’s glory in their service, was encouraged to press on in Worship, Fellowship and Evangelism. Continue to pray the seed sown will find accommodating soil in many hearts.

The time spent in the Bay Area for ministry was augmented for the first time by staying with Dan and Rosana and family in Fremont where they are operating a Chick-Fil-A restaurant. The Lord has given them many opportunities to display the graces of Christ in a challenging vocation among a liberal culture.

The drive home was truncated by pressing on to get home with a couple of long days driving. Our first stop was to check in on dear friends (Doug and Jeannie Crabb) in Apple Valley, CA for a night and early departure heading east. Best of all was to drop in on our two married granddaughters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. They are all doing fine in their roles and responsibilities as husband and wife.

Another long trip lies ahead of us by air to South Africa. Still we are waiting for the details but what we know of our time in South Africa is noted in the schedule at the bottom of the page for your prayerful exercise.

Notes on the family include two grand’s who are out of college and working happily at their chosen discipline. Then the two mentioned above who were married in Jan and May of this year are also gainfully employed matching their college studies somewhat. This leaves two as juniors in college, one a freshman in college and the youngest of our nine is a senior in high school. Your prayers for many decisions in this stage of their lives are vital to their future.

On the 15th of next month we will leave for a month of ministry in South Africa. Pray for finalizing plans for each day of service to the Lord’s people in several venues. We look forward to visiting many missionaries in each of the places we will be.  One delightful aspect of this visit is greeting many friends we have been with many times over the past 30 years of serving missionaries around the world. South Africa was exceptional and it made it on our schedule about 10 times I think in these years.

Please bear up the ministry of the Word and visits to the Lord’s servants in South Africa in prayer as the Lord leads you.

Ministry for Fred and Jenny Kosin (DV)

  • Aug – Faith Bible Fellowship Raleigh NC

  • Sep 4 Ireland St, Burlington, NC

  • Sept 11 Myrtle Beach Bible, SC

  • Sept 18-24 Portlands Gospel, Cape Town, South Africa

  • 24-30Hebron Assembly, Cape Town SA

  • Sep 31-Oct 10 Plettenburg Bay, SA

  • Oct 11-14 Kwa Zulu Natal Churches, Durban Area, SA

  • 15KZ Natal Leadership Conference, Port Shepstone, SA

  • 16Oslo Beach,  Port Shepstone, SA

We may have more details before we wing our way south and east to our dear friends in SA. In this way we are serving the Greatest Master,

Fred and Jenny Kosin

Phone 843-393-5936  Cell 843-617-1938 Email Fkosin@aol.com  www.frednJenny.com

Sue Watt - News - August 2016

News from Sue   August 2016

Since my last letter I have been able to give out 86 bracelets. Monday I met an older man named Ron. As we talked, I learned he was a believer and we had a nice visit. That day I also met a lady named Hilda. She was still learning English, but we communicated fairly well. When we got on the bus, I tried to offer a bracelet to another lady, but she only spoke Spanish. Then Hilda helped me to tell her that I was trying to ask if she had children and wanted bracelets for them. (Maybe I should learn a few key sentences in Spanish.) I had a Spanish tract for her, and she began to read it right away. Tuesday I thought I could do my errands and get home before the rain because the weather report said the big storm was coming in the afternoon. However, while on the way home at 9:00 a.m. the rain began coming down very hard. I decided to stay on the bus to the end of the route and back. That way I would not need to cross the flooded street to catch another bus home. While on the bus, I heard two men speaking in another language. I told them that I had helped people learning English, and then I asked what language they were speaking. They said Farsi (Persian). I didn’t have anything in Farsi, but they knew English, so I gave them the tract, “Your story; Do you know it?” which is a clear Gospel presentation. At the same time, I heard a lady speaking on her cell phone. I thought she was speaking French. I had this same tract in French and she accepted it. I also had a nice talk with a University student who was just here for the summer from Dallas. Near the end of the route, it was only the driver and I, so I talked with her. She accepted a bracelet as I got off the bus. I wasn’t planning this long round trip when I left that morning, but I had some good opportunities.

Recently I had the tall weeds cleaned out of my yard, and made a little trail. It is only 46 steps or a half a minute to go around it, but I have been enjoying it in the early morning before it gets hot. As I walk, I have been reviewing Old Testament verses I memorized while in Bible school. I would encourage you to have verses on cards to meditate on in spare moments even if you don’t feel you are good at memorizing. I am going to do a little study on what the Bible says about meditating on the Word of God.

Attached photographs:

  1. Cut out plastic “flags, “called, “papel picado” that I put on my porch to add some color to my yard.

  2. Around the trial is now full of tall green weeds (some are 19 inches tall!) with all the rain we have had lately.

Sue Watt - News - August 2016

Sue Watt
2809 N. Cherry Ave. #2
Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone: 520 320-1131

Spread the Word
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Douglas Family Update - June 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We want to thank everyone for praying for the people we share the Gospel with and those who we study the scriptures with throughout the week.  The following are some items we are asking prayer for:

Kelly met a family who lives 2 blocks from us this past winter and has had a burden for them.  Our family has been praying for them and making various visits/follow-ups over the last 4 to 5 months.  "J", the husband, has a very rare form of cancer; the cancer started in his leg and is now is his lungs and brain.  Recently, Johnny was able to meet with "J" and share the Gospel starting from Genesis (how sin came through Adam) to present day (Lord's salvation message). They sat on J's porch sharing with one another for nearly an hour and a half.  After this time with J, he said he and his family would like to come over for dinner and tour the home we are living in (he and his family also live in a historic old house). Neither he or his wife are saved and they have a 7 year old daughter.  Please pray nothing inhibit this meeting (health issues, "J's" strength. busyness...)  Our whole family has been praying for this family for several months since Kelly first met them this past winter and we are praising the Lord for His grace and mercy.  

"M", her son, and her boyfriend - "M" has been attending Bible studies with Kelly and is now understanding the Gospel.  She is very excited about reading and learning the scriptures.  "M" called recently and excitedly told Kelly that her boyfriend (who previously had no interest in anything regarding God, church, or the Bible) bought a pictorial Bible to start to read and has had many questions for M.  It seems as if there may be a growing zeal for the Gospel and for the Word of God for "M" and her boyfriend. Also her son is in the children's Bible study withe Kelly.

We are excited for "C", for her zeal for the Bible and faithfulness to the Sunday evening group study she comes to.  When the study began she believed if you do the best you can in life, practice what you believe to the best of your best ability and not pray to the devil - a person is good standing with God.  That understanding is definitely changing as she sees Christ is the only way of salvation!  "C" is the mother of " M."

Pray for the children's Bible study Kelly leads at our house. Pray for "C" and "M" and  "A."  "C" and "M" did not know the Gospel when they first started meeting but they both are definitely understanding the Gospel message with more and more clarity now.  "A" seemed to understand the Gospel well when the Bible study began.    

Pray for Jack's professors "N" and "K".  Jack, our 17 year old son, invited professor "K" to our home for dinner and we shared the Gospel with her and gave her a CD. She has had a difficult life and we do not believe she is saved. Kelly plans to go back and visit with her again and encourage her to read the Bible.  Pray for "N" who has a lost a child recently and she is grieving.  "N" has requested that Kelly and I speak with her about her loss.  We are not sure of "N" spiritual standing, we are scheduled to meet with her in two days.


Pray for several follow-up visits. A young couple who are wanting to eventually home school their young kids; they profess to believe.  Luke, 15 year old son, wants us to speak about the Gospel with two different older people he met through his mowing business, our neighbors who state they want to do a Bible study but are too busy, M and K our old neighbors from across town who would like to come over for dinner (Jack asked them over as he works for them at times)

Pray for strength for our hospitality ministry.  We have dedicated our home, we pray, to being a witness for Christ within our community.  We have made most Friday evenings as the day for hospitality at our home.  We invite many different people for dinner and lovingly share the Gospel with them, also at times we invite fellow believers over for dinner and fellowship.  We are praising and thanking the Lord for His faithfulness and fruitfulness.   

We were recently blessed to host 3 young adults who are believers from the east coast.  Our family and these young adults went to Lawrence to share the Gospel.  We were encouraged to see them pass out tracts and speak with people. We also took them to the homeless shelter in Lawrence.  Johnny also had the pleasure of sharing the Gospel with the young men while going door-to-door in Ottawa. Our family enjoyed their joy for the Lord and warm fellowship very much.  We pray it was a profitable time for them as well. 


Please continue to pray for the work and evangelism in Ottawa, Lawrence, and Kansas City. We have been going to Kansas City as a family on some Friday mornings or afternoons to evangelize, we thank the Lord for our children's willingness and zeal to labor with us.  Pray for Johnny and family's monthly Gospel/Bible teachings at the nursing home and assisted living center for the residents to understand and recently some of the staff have been listening in too!  Lastly, pray for the several Bible studies we do at our home during the week.   

Please pray for Morning Star Bible Camp in Lawrence.  Our whole family will be serving/participating in the camp. Pray for many children to be saved and others to be encouraged in the Lord.  

After much prayer and seeking the Lord's direction the Douglas family, with much excitement and thankfulness, will be in joyful fellowship at Eastside Bible Fellowship in Lawrence KS.

Thank you for praying!

In Christ with love,

Johnny and Kelly Douglas

Sue Watt - News - June 2016

News from Sue   June 2016

Some people have asked, “What do the bracelets look like?” Photo one; bead box, spool of lacing, my tract and the word-less book tracts in other languages. (Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Romanian, Haitian Creole) Please pray that I will have opportunities in these languages. I have never given any in Romanian or Haitian.  





Photo two; the bracelets have 5 beads; yellow, black, red (heart shaped), white, and green.

The tract uses verses to tell, yellow = God is Light; Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Black= darkness, all have sinned and face judgment. The red heart = God’s love, the need of the shed blood of Christ, His death and resurrection. White = forgiveness and eternal life, trusting in God’s Son. Green = growth, reading God’s Word.

Photo three; I am prepared to go on the bus, hat, water bottle and purse full of bracelets and tracts.

Since my last newsletter, I have given out 157 bracelets. The most interesting stories follow. A Muslim lady of Turkish decent and I were having a good conversation, but she needed to get off the bus. She did accept an Arabic tract. Another was an incoming freshman at the Catholic High school near my house. He accepted a detailed tract telling the whole story of the Bible, and bracelets for his sisters. A few days ago, I went to the grocery store very early because of the hot weather. I was surprised to see Judy who I told about in my April letter. She said that she gave the bracelets to her daughters in Chicago when she visited there recently. Then there was a lady with a cane on bus #15. We both got off at the station. I noticed she was talking to the driver of another bus, but was not getting on the bus. Then she started walking toward me. “Did you see if I had my purse with me when I got off bus # 6?” I answered, “No, I did not notice, but we were not on bus #6, but bus #15.” We started toward the other bus. I walked faster and was happy to see a purse sitting on the dashboard of the bus. She was so happy she gave me a hug. Thank you for praying for these opportunities.


Sue Watt
2809 N. Cherry Ave. #2 Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: 520 320-1131
Email: letterfromsue@gmail.com

Spread the Word
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Fred & Jenny Kosin - May/June

 2408 Bennett Dr Darlington, SC 29532 USA

May 31, 2016

Dear Fellow Celebrants of the Lord’s Goodness,

Fifty years ago this month we felt like Jacob when he remembered the initial trek across the land of Canaan to Haran. He reports many years later that he crossed the river with only his walking stick or as he called it his staff and now became two companies.

Only a staff for the aid of his dislocated hip helped his pilgrimage. We left Oakland California 50 years ago this month. We look back at a rented truck with all our worldly goods and two and a half priceless possessions. I suppose the staff of Jacob in Gen 32 was somewhat comparable to the sparse belongings we had accumulated in five years of marriage. 

Our friends helped us pack and we began a pilgrimage to a new chapter of our lives. Jenny sat by the window on the passenger side. Wes and Dan (one and two years old) sat between us in their car seats with steering wheels. I occupied the driver’s seat for the three week journey. Like Abraham, Jenny had not been where we were going but accepted the call and commission to leave all we had known for a ministry that was totally unknown.  That was May of 1966. We arrived in Florida the beginning of June and the folks there said they “knew we were called of the Lord to serve in FL because very few preachers came to Florida the beginning of June”

Our third son Roy, was born in Gainesville while I was putting a roof on the gym at camp Horizon.  That was the beginning of long journey the Lord has led us on. Neither of us knew where it would lead or how He would provide. We covenanted with the Lord as His servants that we would not share our needs nor ask for support from anyone. We accepted the wisdom in knowing that the One who would allow our needs to exist would stir the hearts of His people to meet them. There were and are trials as we have taken some profound steps on this pilgrimage. But His faithfulness has been shown both miraculously and mundanely. He has taken us farther and more widely than we ever imagined.

I am sure there are many tests we have failed along the way but in spite of our fears and frustrations He has guided us along so our faith is greater and our frustrations diminished. The Lord opened a door of opportunity 30 years ago to adjust our ministry from the USA to the needs of missionaries around the world for pastoral care. That step of faith was strengthened by Paul’s consideration in II Cor. 5:8. Opposition came from the most unusual flanks but His call and our commitment left no hurdle in front of us for which He did not offer fortitude.

This new exercise took us to places we never considered. It was not our dream to travel as we enjoyed our home and occupying it. But the needs of missionaries impacted us with each different situation the Lord brought before us. We felt inadequate for these challenges but the Lord brought us through and developed a further exercise for the Lord’s people to live in the light of the resources the Father has provided for all of us in Christ.

Born out of that exercise is a collection of short devotionals that reiterated from the scriptures the extensive blessings purchased at the cross and made available by the resurrected Christ for every believer. That personal and ministry concern overflowed into the book “Blessings All Mine With 10,000 Besides!” which has been published in English by Emmaus, in Spanish by Unilit, and in 3 Indian languages by Authentic Media. This exercise was never intended to be the volume now available in so many languages and in such quantity. That is now in the process of further translation in Portuguese and other Indian languages is an answer to prayer of folks in those language groups.

Personally we are well and pleased with a resurgence of ministry opportunities in the USA. Since our stamina has declined it is doubtful we will be continuing to exercise our concern with 4 or 5 month trips overseas. This means more time is available for teaching and preaching in the USA with occasional visits overseas to missionaries. Our concern has not lessened but we trust our example will encourage others to catch up the mantle of ministry that has covered us these 30 years.

Space does not allow a full chronology of the many aspects of service to the Lord and His people over the 50 years. But we celebrate all He has done to facilitate His call on our lives. Our children have not suffered by that departure as all are applying their gifts and abilities in divine service while gainfully employed. Our grandchildren too are cared for in a measure according to their needs growing up in homes where Christ is honored and the Church is an important part of daily consideration. Our heath is reasonably well for our antiquity. Our mental acumen is acceptable for our capacities. Our faith has out stripped our fears which held us hostage in some of the early days. Our knowledge of the Father and His ways has been augmented by some serious studies of life. Our expectation of God has risen on the scale of performance because of the educational curriculum we have met. Our anticipation of Christ’s return has been heightened by the conditions of our world and His promise of our departure with Him to the Father’s House. Our needs for ministry and sharing have been adequate for our exercises. Our possessions are far more copious than when we crossed the Mississippi in a rented truck 50 years ago.

Currently we have begun the 51st year of ministry with a month in The Bahamas. Put on the calendar almost two years ago the Lord has brought it to fruition in Nassau. Though a very different culture than that of Spanish Wells, where we have been before, this was our first extended visit to the capital. Many were kind enough to say the Lord encouraged and challenged their lives through the Word. The outcome is that a month of further ministry has been put on the calendar two years from now.

We were afforded the time away from Nassau to participate in the celebration in Arkansas of marriage in the Lord of Nick Fields and Nicole Kosin, our granddaughter. Your prayer for them as they move to Tulsa for employment and “home building” as a couple will be much appreciated. Lindsey and Evan Hawthorn married in January have moved to Oklahoma City for the same two reasons.

Roy completed a semester of teaching in Dubuque, IA at Emmaus Bible College. He and Tracey survived five months separation and now together are setting their house in order for sale and the move from the deep south of Conway, SC to the Midwest. Roy will assume teaching again in the fall at Emmaus.

The rest of our family has not had many changes during the past month but the summer will make some adjustments.  Some have finished college and another will start college but we will review that when the times comes.

Since we are celebrating the Goodness of God to us we cannot help but know that your care and prayer for us over the years has contributed to so many of the issues that have marked our lives and ministry. Many who sent us out from Oakland, California have gone on to be with the Lord. A handful of folks are still around who continue to lift us up in so many meaningful ways. The rewards, if they have been passed out in glory already, have been abundant for many who walked with us in our journey. Since you are receiving this letter now, your rewards will not only be here, but more abundantly in a day to come when they will be added to those you already accumulated. Your investment in so many aspects of our life is a major reason we continue beyond the fiftieth year already finished. In this way we continue

Serving the greatest Master,

Fred and Jenny

Schedule of ministry for Fred & Jenny

June 5, 8 & 12 - Waynesville Bible,  NC

19 - Terrell Rd Bible, Fanwood, NJ

21 - Linwood Gospel Linwood, NJ

22 – Grace, Tenafly, NJ

23 – South Branch Bible, Flemington, NJ

26 - Terrell Rd Bible, Fanwood, NJ


Phone 843-393-5936  Cell 843-617-1938 Email Fkosin@aol.com  www.frednJenny.com


Mark and Tami Swaim - April 2016 Upadate.

May, 2016
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Through the years of service for the Lord, as it ought to be with all the Lord’s people, we have learned many lessons, in faith, in service, in holiness, in humility. And there are many more lessons to learn. So few are the years we have, and so much to learn of what it means to be in Christ, like Christ, to enjoy Him as a magnificent Savior, a wonderful Shepherd, a faithful High Priest, and a glorious Son. He is all this and more. As a result, we can launch out into the deep, leave behind the rest we have enjoyed in green pastures, and pursue a deeper relationship with the One who has become our life.

Tami and I want to express again our thanks and appreciation for your prayers and interest in the way the Lord has led us. Each of us has a story to tell, about the deep grace of God that has been displayed in us. We are thankful for that grace, and for the Lord’s provisions.
Ministry in January In January I spent 1 week in Portugal and 3 weeks in Poland. In Portugal, Peter Cerquiera, commended from Rhode Island, invited me to be a speaker at a conference in 2015. That opened doors for a return in January. He organized 7 meetings in 7 places, in Lisbon in the North of Portugal. It was really nice to be able to help Peter and encourage him in the work the Lord has given him to do. In Poland, there were 30 meetings in 16 places over a 3 week period. The Bible programs in Krakow and Tychy continues to be an encouragement. There was also intensive Bible teaching in Palowice. The gospel work among the gypsies also continued with 5 hours of gospel preaching. There is also work among Syrian believers who Polish brethren have been able to bring to Poland. This work continues with the plan now to bring over 8 more families. The Lord has provided the resources for this to happen.

Ministry in May In May I will be in Portugal again for 1 week and Poland for 3 weeks. This is made possible by flying to Poland through Portugal. I thus spend a few days at the beginning and end of the trip in Portugal. In Portugal, the brethren in the North have organized 3 nights of special meetings. It is expected that 10 assemblies in the region will join in these meetings. There will also be opportunities to speak at other assemblies, including the new assembly work in Lisbon, started by brother Pedro Balbosa. It has been a joy to get to know him and encourage him in the work. In Poland, I am expected to speak in about 15 assemblies. Some are mentioned below:

1. Special informal conferencein Palowice for Syrian Believers (May 7)
2. Bible Conference in Balin on the supremacy of Christ in Colossians (May 8)
3. Bible program in Krakow on Sanctification (May 13-14)
4. Bible program in Tychy on passing the work to a new generation (May 20-21)

Ministry in the USA In the USA, Mark continues his preaching and teaching ministry in various assemblies. From February to April, there were meetings in GA, MD, NY, NJ, MA, and PA. Together with Tami, we have been involved in discipling a few people locally. We will not mention specifics in this letter, but ask for continued wisdom and prayer as we seek to help individuals, couples and families in our local area. In family news, we ask for prayer for our children, 3 of whom are teenagers (Joshua, Zachary, Elliot), 2 of whom are on the autism spectrum (Joel and Daniel) and our daughter, Moriah. All will be participating this summer in the National Bible Bee https://biblebee.org/ which has been a great encouragement to our children and their spiritual growth.

In Christ,
Mark and Tami Swaim
1760 White Oak Road
Strasburg, PA 17579


Rex & Nancy Trogdon - April 2016

Beloved in our Lord,

I am writing from Spanish Wells in the Bahamas.

Reflecting over the past few weeks of our life, it has been like standing in the ocean with breakers coming at us from every direction. My Mom was diagnosed with bile duct / pancreatic cancer on March 26. She did not want to stay in a nursing home, but at her home so we pulled together as a family to stay with her. On April 6th, while I was in Canada ministering, Nancy and our daughter, Angie, were staying with Mom. At 1 AM Nancy woke with her heart racing and blood pressure dangerously high. Thankfully, our daughter, Angie, who is a trained coronary care nurse, was with her and knew exactly what to do.

While Nancy was in the ER her heart had stopped for 27 seconds and started again. The doctor said that her heart started on its own, but we know who holds our hearts and lives in His hand. Nancy went home to rest while my brother and sister came to stay with Mom. Early Sunday morning, April 10, Mom went home to be with the Lord.

On Tuesday, April 12, I took Nancy to the cardiologist to find out what we needed to do to prevent another episode with her heart racing, etc. The doctor explained that there was another problem. It was not the racing of her heart rate, but also simultaneously, her heart was slow. This is called Atrial Flutter. It can be fatal.

Then we shared with the doctor about Mom and her memorial service coming up on Saturday and also our plans to go to travel to the Bahamas on the following Monday where Nancy was scheduled to speak at the Ladies’ Retreat. He insisted that the only way he would permit was to first install a pacemaker. So, back to the hospital the next day —Wednesday afternoon. It was the right step to take whether we planned to travel to the Bahamas or to stay home. 

On the following Saturday, April 16, we had a Memorial service with about 150 attending. We were honored by their presence and glad to share about our Mom and her faith in Christ and faithfulness to serve the Lord. I presented the Gospel and had a good response. We are still praying for fruit unto salvation and hope that you will pray, too. Nancy was able to make it to the graveside and memorial services, but it was a long day.

Nancy was still in pain when we left early Monday morning, April 18, for the Bahamas. Our daughter in law, Tina, was able to come with us to help Nancy and to travel back home with her after one week. Nancy is making progress day by day, and thanks to many for their prayers for her she spoke at the Ladies’ Retreat giving 7 messages on Women in the Bible. You see, her heart physically needed help, but her heart spiritually is whole-heartedly devoted to the Lord and serving Him and His people. Now, we didn’t do anything that was unadvisable with the doctor. We even asked him three times if he was sure she would be okay to travel by air, in a boat, on the road, and in a golf cart… He said, “Go! Have a good time!” God is so good.

We believe the trip to the Bahamas was good for her to have a restful surrounding as well as an active role in ministry. What could be better for one’s heart than to have it occupied with the Lord Jesus and His Word! 

Today is Wednesday, April 27. Nancy is home and rested. She has a doctor’s appointment today. I am still in the Bahamas and heading out with 35 men for the Men’s Retreat. They have 14 sessions scheduled for me to teach on the Names of God. I will call the series, “Join All the Glorious Names.” My theme verse is “Psalm 9:10 - “Those who know Your name will put their trust in You.”

We have learned more about trusting Him these past few weeks. One thing is certain —we can trust Him who is Faithful and True - and He is good to His name. We covet your prayers as we continue until He says, Stop. We’re so glad that your prayers include you in the work He has called us to do together.

With love in Him,

Rex & Nancy Trogdon

Fred and Jenny Kosin - Spring 2016

Fred and Jenny Kosin 

2408 Bennett Dr Darlington, SC 29532 USA

April One, 2016

Dear Obedient Children,

When the nation of Israel was on their way from Egypt to Canaan and came to Sinai the LORD began to speak to them amidst the thunder, lighting, trumpets, smoke and fire. Israel was so afraid they asked the Lord to speak to Moses and he will speak to the people. The nation responded “All that the Lord says we will do.” God agreed and gave the declaration of the law for His people Israel, communicating His legal framework known as the Law of Moses. 

So Israel put themselves under the law which, as a conditional covenant of works, meant if they obeyed, God would prosper them, if they did not obey the judgment of God would fall on them. The Jewish rabbis account a total of 613 commands given to Moses for the Children of Israel. 348 negative and 365 positive, known as The Law. We know the “10 Commandments best.” Though never given to any other people but Israel, these ten stand as a revelation of the nature and character of the Lord Jehovah.

The church as a whole has wrestled with the place of The Law in the conscience and behavior of believers. Some denominations enforce the Law of Moses on all it members. Some churches offer the ten as suggestions without any culpability. On the other side of the great divide are believers who boast they are “not under law, but under grace” and are free to live as they like without constrains of law of any kind including the 10 commandments.

From the voice of the most liberal church we might anticipate that the NT and the epistles particularly do not contain any laws for the believer’s observance. From the most conservative we should expect that since they tenaciously hold to the ten there could not be any NT commands that might supersede the ten of the old covenant. 

We all might enter into discussion about the viability of the Law of Moses on the church today. We might vacillate from the “not under the law” folks to the rigid laws of the OT like keeping the Sabbath etc. Where do we come down on the arguments swirling around the Christian community today in relation to commandments and obedience?

From the Epistles we gain a starting point that is still a battle ground after all these centuries.  The first Epistle in our NT begins and ends with a foundational description of the initial step of obedience to a command. Paul in Romans begins his doctrinal dissertation on Salvation with the need for “obedience to the faith” in 1:5, and ends his epistle with the same salvo “The obedience of faith…” 16:26. So the command went out into all the world and came to the Philippian jailer. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved…” Acts 16:31. Here is a command as well as an invitation!

Therefore the journey of the Christian’s pilgrimage begins with obedience to the command for salvation. Obedience is necessary. This pattern is bolstered by the reminder of Paul in another place that reads “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk in Him. “  Col 2:6. Of course we accept that the primary emphasis of our walk is our faith in Christ Jesus. But the twin importance is the “obedience of faith” that brought us into Christ! So is this obedience to the Law of Moses as some teach or obedience to another law made known to us as members of the church.  

Any perusal of the epistles of the NT exposes the fact that they do not give us any kind of organized stipulation of law comparable to the Exodus and Levitical accounts for the nation of Israel. But we are met by a general summary of law in many places beginning with the “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus…” Rom 8:2“the law of faith...” “the law of her husband…”  “the law of God…”  “Law of Christ…”.  In addition we might hear the tone of the epistles and add the “law of love” “law of the Lord…” “the law of the heart…”  etc.

So where do we find the laws related to the walk of the believer. A detailed investigation of the epistles turns up about 719 commands given by God through the authors of these NT letters. Some are specific to the author and the recipients of each letter but many are intended for all believers. It is Peter that reminds us that we are to be “as obedient children…” I Peter 1:14. James reiterates the need of obedience by writing that “Faith without works is dead...” The works are the results of obedience.

What needs to be considered is the motive for obedience. Under the Law of Moses it was: obedience will result in blessing. Under the law of grace it is because I have been so blessed and loved by God I will obey with joy and pleasure as evidence of my appreciation for all He has done for me.

Must we not then be diligent to know the commands of the Lord to the church that relate to every area of our life? What are some of the prominent ones? Pray without ceasing, Study to show yourselves approved, Remember me, Go into all the world, Give an answer, Meditate on these things, Grow in grace, Be holy, Don’t forsake the church, give thanks, bless, give, walk, run, and a host of others.

So are we obedient children and delighted to obey our Father because it pleases Him? Our obedience is not to earn His love and acceptance but because we are accepted in Christ and are loved unconditionally.  What glorious impetus to be obedient children.  

The life of Paul is played out because he could say “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.” Acts 26:19. May the “vision” of our blessed Savior blaze before the eyes of our understanding to produce obedience commensurate with the perception of His death, resurrection, ascension, present session as our advocate and His promised return for us as His blood bought family? May He “Fill all my vision…”?

Our family continues in the faith grounded and settled, not moving away from obedience that delights the Lord. Wes and Laurie’s situation remains unchanged. Dan and Rosana are still are in the Chick-fil-A restaurant business in CA, Roy is teaching at Emmaus Bible College. He and Tracey face a move this summer from Conway, SC to Dubuque, IA. The Lord oversees our good health with a clean bill for me after my annual physical.  We continue to have many invitations for ministry. And the Lord fulfills daily His promise to supply our needs.  Thank you so very much for your prayers and concern for the commission the Lord has placed before us day by day.

With that perception moving us we seek to be obedient servants whose ears have been pierced out of love for our Master.  To that end we want to be pleasing to the One who called and commissioned us to be His obedient servants. Our present and prospective service is listed below as usual. Your prayers are appreciated for the ministry and usefulness of the Word on those who hear.  May the Word preached be mixed with faith resulting in obedient children as a result of our

Serving the Greatest Master,

Fred and Jenny

April 3 - Southside Bible, Jacksonville, FL.

10, 17, 24 - Faith Bible, Raleigh, NC

May - Shirley Heights Gospel, Nassau, Bahamas

Phone 843-393-5936  frednjenny.com   fkosin@aol.com Cell 843-617-1938

Scott DeGroff - Spring 2016 - New Ministry

Dear saints of God,

I have, for years, had a deep burning burden for the NA church...... Since the Lord has sat me down, He has led me to do videos for the encouragement and help of Gods people. 

We are putting together a website that will host the videos and other helpful bits as the Lord leads. We will share the videos on Facebook, google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.....

So, if a person wants to, they can "subscribe" to my YouTube channel and then, Lord willing, benefit personally or share for the benefit of others...... There are three videos on the channel so far. My goal is to put out one "thought" a week and may do full length messages as well as the Lord directs. 

Below is the link to the latest video.....

Please pray the Lord leads and helps in this and that He gets 100% of the glory from this effort......

I love and miss so many of you! And the rest of you I look forward to meeting! :)

Lord bless

Sent from Scott DeGroff

Click here or on photo below to see video

Storybook Lodge - Camp Update - April 2016

Greetings!  It’s 51 degrees with swamp-like conditions around camp as the snow turns to puddles. Summer is coming! 

SBL Father/Son Retreat (May 13-15)

The next retreat at SBL will be our annual Father/Son Retreat.  Remarkably Cedar Island Lake has been open for several weeks.  It usually opens up around this time of year.  I don’t know what this means for fishing, but I’ll promise to help you eat the fish if you catch them!

--I’ll be leading studies on Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 17-20; 1 Kings 22:47-50; 2 Kings 3).  If we happen to get this king searched out from the Scriptures, Hezekiah is next.  You fathers & sons who plan to attend are encouraged to study what God’s Word reports on this king & share it when we gather. 

--We have 7 father/son combos signed up presently.  That means there’s still plenty of room for you if you are able to join us!

--The SBL Board will be gathering at camp on April 30th & would value your prayers for the Lord’s wisdom & direction at this time.


Summer Camp #s                   Campers                     Staff

1st Junior Camp (full)               120                              45+

1st Teen Camp                         27 boys/45 girls          3

2nd Junior Camp                       23 boys/42 girls          15

1st Family Camp                      20 families

Junior High Camp                    22 boys/40 girls          11

3rd Junior Camp                       37 boys/20 girls          22

Girls Camp                              40 girls                           14

Senior Teen                             6 boys/20 girls               5

2nd Family Camp                      32 families

3rd Family Camp                      9 families


--As you can see, we need teen camp counselors most of all.  If one can’t counsel for both weeks of the 1st Teen Camp, coming for one week may work out.  Thanks for praying!

--We’ve just heard this week that Jim & Sue Ulfers have announced their retirement after serving for 10 years at camp.  Jim was a proficient helper in the kitchen & in helping Jerry with chores during the summer.  We have good memories of Jim’s willing service & Sue’s bubbliness in the bakery when she was able to be with us! 

--So, Jerry is open for someone to help him with breakfast, running the dishwasher & doing the summer chores at camp. 

--Jordan & Ruth may need to be in cabins to counsel.  Otherwise, Jordan would be a good helper with Jerry & Ruth would be a good kitchen worker as she has experience there. 

--Jordan & Ruth returned from their challenging honeymoon after one week.  I say challengingbecause both of them got sick towards the end of their first week together.  BUT, I heard them promise at their wedding that they would stick with each other in sickness as well as in health!


Thanks for your prayers as the summer camps get closer.  Preparation of heart is at the top of myprayer list.


Safe in Him,

Uncle Bill