What is 2COR9?


2COR9 is an idea we had to network hundreds of believers nationally so they could meet the financial needs of commended workers by combining small gifts from larger groups of people. For example - collecting $4 from 1000 people rather than hoping 8 people will give $500 each.  The system works by sending a cellphone text message to you and the other  2COR9 participants a couple times each week. Each text message contains a short summary of a commended worker's material need. (Identifying information will be removed). If most or all of the participants text back a small monetary gift (e.g. $3 or $10) the need is easily met by working together. Working with a wider audience allows ACM to pool smaller gifts to encourage giving by younger believers who may not have as much. Everyone's gifts are combined to meet the larger need of the worker.


Example 1:

Steven's family badly needs a replacement vehicle. They have a $5000 gift already and have found a good used minivan for $10,000. A text message is sent out saying "Worker needs replacement vehicle, $5000 will cover the cost. The need can be met if each participant gives $5, Text "VAN" to 650-516-4501 to give."

Example 2:

Someone informs ACM that Ellen (a single commended worker) has $2000 in dental work she is avoiding because she doesn't have the money. We text the 2COR9 group saying "Single worker needs $2000 to pay for much needed dental work. $2 from everyone will cover it. "Text "DENTAL" to 650-516-4501 to give." 

Joining is Easy

  1. Type your mobile phone number and name (CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM).  
  2. ACM will send you a couple text messages each week like the examples above.
  3. Send a text message by typing the keyword (see example above) to 650-516-4501.
  4. You will see prompts that guide you from that point on.  (NOTE: The first time you use the system you must submit credit card info which is then securely saved. Any subsequent gifts are as quick as entering keyword, a dollar amount and hitting send. After a gift is given the individual receives an email acknowledging the gift. )

How does this project help believers among assemblies?

  1. It brings specific information about needs of workers to those who want to give. 
  2. It helps those who can only give smaller gifts see how their gift concretely meets these needs. 
  3. Makes the burden of a financial need lighter by spreading it between hundreds of people. 
  4. 2COR9 could significantly speed up the time it takes to meet certain needs. 

Biblical Backdrop for the 2Cor9 IDea and Title. 

In 2 Corinthians 9 we possess a conversation Paul is having with the Corinthians about financial assistance he hoped they would give to the needy believers in Jerusalem. Paul made known the financial needs of the church in Jerusalem to the various assemblies Galatia & Achaia. He then made arrangements for the collection, transport, and distribution of funds back to Jerusalem. In Romans 16 Paul asks the assembly in Rome to support Pheobe in whatever her needs word (those would include financial supports as well).  ACM is attempting to follow the pattern of Paul by letting believers know about specific needs of commended workers and their worthiness of your support. We are naming this effort after 2 Corinthians 9 (2COR9 for short). In an effort to protect the privacy of the workers we will not give their names unless you contact us and ask. Each of the needs listed is connected with a worker or widow connected in some way to N. American assemblies.