Henderson Report and Prayer Requests

Dear beloved of the Lord, thank you for praying for us – it has been four months since our last update; here is what is going on in Ottawa, KS.

Brenda had one after-school club this fall with several new children attending. Brenda is presently doing follow up visits in an effort to get parents into a Bible study and to continue working with the club children. We are thankful for Travis and Luke’s help in supporting the club. Clubs are planned in two public schools this spring.

Scripture calendars have been given out in Ottawa and Kelsi recently handed out dozens on the campus of Washburn University.

The outreach study at the dude-plex on Thursday evenings continues and several unsaved people have attended.

Adrianna and Adah professed Christ as Savior this spring and Tennessee and Cole (who Travis and Luke have been working with) recently said that they were saved this summer.

The outreach Bible study on Monday evenings at our home continues, with several new people attending. Last Monday night we actually had four different Bible studies occurring in our home at the same time, as various saints were working personally with others of various maturity levels.

Funny Story
Without talking to each other, both Kate and Trey were exercised to buy an assortment of tracts for personal evangelism. On one particular day, Trey was surprised to find two identical boxes in the mailbox from the same tract company; one addressed to himself and the other to Kate. He delivered Kate’s package and inquired about it. Apparently, the Holy Spirit had directed them to order the same tracts (some in Spanish) from the same company on the same day, which then delivered on the same day. What is the probability of that? 

Our Tuesday night discipleship study continues, but was moved from our home to another home (three families attend that study).

The time and place of two more weekly discipleship studies has switched around a bit, but we now meet at 8 and 10 on Monday mornings.

The First Wedding
OCF had its first wedding on November 10th. It was a joy to take Alec and Katherine through pre-marriage counsel and then to officiate their wedding (which was in our home with about a hundred people in attendance). The newlyweds regularly attend OCF.

Itinerant Ministry
I am still trying to limit my itinerant ministry to twice a month to support the new assembly in Ottawa. This tends to push out my speaking schedule somewhat. Presently 2019 is full and 2020 is half-full. Ministry since August occurred in KS, CT, NJ (US), and BC, AB, ON (Canada). Upcoming ministry is planned for CT, KS, OK, IL, WI, ON.

Ottawa Christian Fellowship
This has been a good year of spiritual and numerical growth – all praise goes to the Lord Jesus!

We are very thankful to have a number of spiritually-minded young people in our assembly.

Refining and Reminding.jpg

Door of Hope (on the Minor Prophets) was published in May and Refining and Reminding (Numbers and Deuteronomy) was published last month. The latter book is the twelfth of fourteen volumes in the Old Testament Commentary that I am writing. Books are available in Kindle, EPub, and Print on Demand. Here is a link to the Amazon page.

Presently, I am studying and writing on Kings and Chronicles. Editing of the Samuel manuscript has been completed. God-willing, I hope to finish this 18-year project by the end of 2019.

Family Health
Thank you for praying for Kate and Trey. Kate has been working three days a week as APRN and is pursuing her nursing doctorate. She still has neurological issues but recent tests have revealed some reasons for that and we are hopeful that treatment in the next few months will alleviate some of her suffering. We are thankful that after various treatments, tests in September revealed that the Enterocussuc and Salmonella in Trey’s gut has been finally removed. He has fair health and worked about three of the last six months on a farm in OK. The plan is to remove his tonsils next week and then re-attack the chronic Strep infection that he has been battling for 2.5 years. We will probably know in 2019 if he will be able to return to Mission Aviation Training or not. There are several other health matters that we would appreciate your prayers for also. 

Many hardships in the work of the Lord, but there is also much joy in going on with the Lord through them!

Thanks for praying for us!
Warren for all the Hendersons 

Ed and Barb Anthony Update

For our commonwealth has its existence in the heavens from which also we await the Lord Jesus Chris as Savior. Philippians 3:20

For our commonwealth has its existence in the heavens from which also we await the Lord Jesus Chris as Savior. Philippians 3:20

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It has been a while since our last update and hope that this current edition finds you all doing well in the Lord.   We appreciate the many requests asking of our welfare and are thankful on every remembrance of the so many who care for us and the ministry to which the Lord has called us.  We hope that this update will be of help as you continue to pray for us.  Of course in sharing this update we desire that the name of the Lord might be magnified!

Where shall we begin?  As ever, the Lord helps us along the earthly journey and has used many of you to bring us along the way.  We give thanks first to Him and then to you for your concern over the years for us.  It is obviously impossible to reference every act of kindness that has been shown us but we do convey our sincere thanks for all you have done in encouraging us for His name’s sake.  Many are his people and local assemblies that have prayed for us, provided hospitality, provided gifts, and encouraged us. May he richly reward each according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.     

By God’s grace we have been able to spend considerable time helping local assemblies of his people throughout North America.  We especially seek to help many of the smaller works as they desire to maintain a local testimony in the area where they have been planted.  A great deal of time is spent in studying and sharing His word with the saints through Bible studies, assembly meetings, and conferences.  We also meet with families and elders as needed to help with challenges they are facing on the wilderness journey.  Biblical ministry has covered a wide range of topics including, to name a few, studies in book structure and flow; lessons on how God manifests himself to the world, New Testament church principles, and book studies including, among others, Hebrews, Luke, Numbers, and Ruth.  We are continuing our study in the book of Isaiah at the Nashville bible study that meets each week when we are available. 

Although time has been limited, we try to write articles to help the saints as we are able.  These included several that were published in Elders’ ShopNotes and Cornerstone Magazine.  

There is much need among God’s people and we appreciate your payer as we continue to help where we can along the way offering assistance to elders and encouraging the saints.  Much ministry has already been scheduled on the calendar for 2019 and we appreciate your prayers that it might bear fruit for His glory.

Thank you for your prayers for Barbara.  As many of you know she takes on the yeoman’s task of driving Ed where he needs to be.  Our Mazda 6 continues to do very well as we just went over 150,000 miles on it.  We are thankful for the Lord’s provision and safety over the many miles.

We are thankful for good health and have not encountered any major health issues over the past few years.  We just returned from ministry in Texas where we also had an opportunity to visit our son, Paul and his wife, Jen, and our three granddaughters.   All are doing well.  Paul continues as the public information officer for the county and Jen works for her dad’s surveying business.  The children recently professed Christ as savior and were baptized.  Pray that their lives will be devoted to the Lord and bring glory to His name.

We close our letter as we do each time saying that it is our sincere desire that we would be able to visit all of you each year but the physical realities of such an undertaking make that impossible and we hope you understand.  We continue to seek the Lord’s guidance to minister where He wants us to be.  Whether with you or absent we hope that the Lord has spoken to you through His Word this past year.  Feel free to print and post this letter for your assembly as well.

Thank you for your continued prayer for us.  Feel free to call us at 615-775-2605 or write us at destinyslink@bellsouth.net if you need to contact us for any reason. We are once again thankful to our God for all He is doing among His people and through us.

Desiring His richest blessing for you,
Ed and Barb Anthony

We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you.  Colossians 1:3.

Prayer Update Bev Oct 2018


Dear Prayer Partners:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. According to the verse above, justice and mercy are two opposite concepts. Justice demands that the offender (us) be punished, and Mercy is to NOT punish the offender as He deserves. In Jesus’ death we see how justice and mercy can be applied to the guilty. God requires FAITH and REPENTANCE for mercy to be applied. God’s justice is slow, as God is waiting for all to repent. How do we practice justice and mercy? As the offended. .. be patient .. pray for the person, do not return evil for evil and show mercy especially when there is repentance. As the offender confess your errors when you have hurt others and repent (change). To walk Humbly with God is to see others as people that God loves and died for, who are struggling with issues where they have no hope. Remember that “There but for the grace of God go I” I do not know why I am saved and others not. But I want to reach out to them thinking that if our roles were reversed I would want them to reach out to me, to give me HOPE. See the prose by Amy Carmichael on the back

We just finished having out Thanksgiving Party with the International scholars. It usually is very close to the Chinese Moon Festival so we include the typical moon cake, with our Canadian style dinner. We thank the Lord that we had 80 scholars/people for the afternoon. This number also included some parents and children of the Scholars and helpers and their children. With fewer helpers it is a big challenge to feed this many people where we never can have pork and need to offer halal dishes to the Muslims, and vegetarian options to others, and have limited beef dishes in case there are Hindus who come. We try to accommodate their cultural preferences where possible. I Thank the Lord for those volunteers who give up their Saturday almost every month to help me in this ministry.

I have to Thank the Lord that even when we have less people coming to the monthly events, there are new contacts made in various ways, and I continue to have a full weekly schedule of Bible studies. With many new scholars who signed up for Bible and English I need to give an orientation class to each one but they cannot come on the same day so I have many extra classes in the next few weeks, until I can give orientation to them. This is necessary as almost all have never read a Bible, never heard about Jesus, and have been taught that evolution is proven by science to be true, and therefore it is proven that God does not exist. BUT praise God HE DOES EXIST, and is able to and does illuminate their mind, that they may believe.

As of this fall, I no longer have contacts at Carleton University. Pray that there might be some interested Scholars again. At the Moment I have 3 Bible study groups at Ottawa U main Campus, and One study at Ottawa U General Hospital Campus, one group at Algonquin and one class with the children of a number of the Scholars. I can handle more than 5 a week for a short time, but 5 is the usual number of studies that I can manage on a long term basis.

I do ask you to pray for a couple with 5 children who were forced to return to their country. Continue to pray for ALL Scholars as they return home. Pray that they will take the time to read the weekly lessons I send them. Fellowship with other believers is very difficult for many.

Thank you for your support and prayers.
Bev Boyle

Attached is the original PDF

Clayton & Isobel Dougan's Update


Dear Friends at Assembly Care,

Amazingly I have been involved in the Capernwray ministry here in Canada for 33 years. This was brought home when, a few weeks ago, I was able to be part of the 40th anniversary celebration for the centre here in BC. It’s my privilege not only to teach in both the Canadian Capernwray Bible Schools but also to serve as a Director on the board. I will be teaching for one week in each of the two Canadian schools over the next few months. 

The preaching and teaching side of our ministry continues and, if I may say so for the glory of God, I and many others have been aware of the various messages truly being the Lord’s word for the various local churches I have visited. On a recent visit to one of the Vancouver churches I had a good conversation with a young married man who trusted the Lord on a previous visit to this church. He is from a background of Marxism and Buddhism so his life has been somewhat complicated. While he is still grappling with significant questions he is growing in the Lord by spending time in God’s word etc. 

This coming Saturday (13th Oct.) we will be holding the fourth of our L.E.A.D. (Love, Encourage, Assist, Develop) Conferences for elders and prospective elders from local churches on Vancouver Island. The theme this time will be the centrality of Christ. We are praying for a real strengthening of those churches.

Health wise, Isobel has been having some challenges of late. She will be seeing our doctor soon for a “non-urgent” chat to go over the results of some recent blood work. This month I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of my triple bypass operation. The result of a recent tread mill stress test was that my performance was 60% above average. I’m so grateful. 

Once again we send warmest greetings to you all together with heart-felt thanks for continued prayerful support.

“The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you”.
Clayton & Isobel,
2750 Tudor Avenue,
Victoria, B.C., V8N 1L5
Phone: 250 477 0543
Cell: 250 532 4093

Prayer Update From Bev

Dear Family in the Lord.


Greetings again in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have thought about these verses many times. John who wrote the book of the Revelations wept because there was no man able to open the scrolls (and bring judgement on Satan, and end His Kingdom of darkness.) Then one of the elders, around the throne said to John “Don’t weep, because the Lion of the tribe of Judah has overcome, and is able to bring down His judgments.” To destroy the king of darkness and his kingdom is to end all war, suffering, death, disease, injustice, broken relationships, natural disasters and evil in the heart of every one. The Lion of the tribe of Judah was Jesus, and what Israel was looking for was a LION fierce and terrible to deliver the nation of Israel and destroy her enemies. .. But then John in his vision looks and he does not see a LION, but on the throne of the Ancient of Days was a lamb as if it had been slain. .. A lamb gives us an image of weakness, and a lamb as if it had been slain further intensifies the image of weakness. God will not deliver Israel with the power like that of a LION, but with the character of meekness, love, compassion, and surrender to the will of the LORD. This is how the power of Jesus contrasts with the world powers and the power of Satan. .. In the book by Ken Fleming on “God’s Witness in the Stars” he shows how God’s plan of redemption was revealed to Adam and Eve at the beginning and taught to all his descendants, and after the flood the nations were taught by Noah to all before the confusion of the languages at Babel. Thus, all Gentile nations had God’s message of redemption long before Moses wrote the Pentateuch. In the zodiac sign of Libra, the theme is the price of redemption and man’s inability to pay. But the constellation of the southern cross in the sign of Libra, reveals that the price would be paid by the death of a perfect sacrifice on a cross. This was revealed long before David wrote the Messianic Psalms, of the death of the Messiah where His hands and feet would be pierced. .. Also, in the zodiac sign of Aries is the picture of a lamb that is dying, but he has a crown on his head. This lamb of God will die by crucifixion, but will rise from the dead to receive an eternal kingdom. Jesus thus has power over death disease suffering war, disasters and evil. It is AMAZING the details that have been revealed in the stars as a message to ALL NATIONS. HE IS WORTHY to bring Judgment

We just finished our Corn Roast and Campfire Supper with the International Students, and immediately I am preparing for our Thanksgiving party with the Students and Scholars. Pray for this next event as this is one of the times that we present the gospel at our event. We must advertise if there will be a religious message so that they do not feel deceived. I am surprised that some Muslims come when we share the gospel, but others are offended and can complain about us, and cause problems for us. There are more groups now working on the Campuses with International students and Scholars, so our numbers at our social events are not as large as they have been in the past, as there are more options to choose from, .. but more students are being reached in different ways, for which we must Praise the Lord. I have had a good number of students in the Bible studies this last year, and P.T.L. many seem to have had a positive change of heart and mind. We are seeing a number leave during August and September and the ranks are not filling up as fast again, but the Lord knows that I need a relaxed pace from time to time, to catch my breath. The Lord keeps bringing to us those who are interested in Bible. P.T.L

Thank you for your prayers and support. May the Lord bless you.
Bev Boyle

More photos and information available in the PDF


A Quick Visit To Los Angeles by Richard and Nancye Yarrall


Dear friends,

In past newsletters we have asked for prayer for Alan Morris, who lives in Long Beach, and is a member of the Westminster Latino church. He was diagnosed some eight years ago with throat cancer. Amazingly the Lord has sustained him all these years but finally the cancer has advanced. A few weeks ago, he was hospitalized, and they diagnosed a tumor pressing against his heart. The doctors said there was nothing more they could do. He is in the ICU on life support and could pass away at any time. His wife, Eddy, is by his side and there are two teen-age children and they are all quite upset. 

Alan has been a faithful Christian and a leader in the church as well as an extended family from Honduras. He joined the church some thirteen years ago and through him and another brother led us to many Honduran immigrants. As a result of working with the family some thirty have come to know the Lord or have been restored to the Lord. They are all devastated by Alan’s illness as they have depended on him for his spiritual leadership. 

Nancye and I have been praying about making a return visit to Los Angeles to spend time with the family and the church. They need a lot of support at this time as it has been devastating for many of them.

So we have booked flights to Los Angeles leaving from Auckland on Tuesday, October 9th and returning on Sunday night, October 28th. Your prayers would be a big help at this time as we go to minister both to the Westminster church and to the extended Morris family. 

Why the English name Morris? Their grandfather went from Texas to Honduras many years ago where he met and married a girl. The rest is history. The offspring grew up speaking Spanish but have access to residency in the USA which they have taken advantage of.

We look forward to this return visit and meeting all our old friends, plus getting back into the Spanish speaking world. Time will preclude any visits beyond Los Angeles. We can’t stay longer as we must be back in New Zealand for my sister and brother-in-law’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary in early November. 

Your prayers at this time would be appreciated for a profitable time of ministry in Los Angeles among our Latino friends. 

With love in our Lord,
Richard and Nancye

Clayton & Isobel Dougan's Monthly Update

Clayton and Isobel Dougan

Clayton and Isobel Dougan

Dear Friends at Assembly Care, 

Isobel and I are grateful for the time we were able to spend with our younger son Tim and his children in August. It was quality time during which the Lord made it possible to have spiritual input into the lives of the children. While with them I was asked to say a few words at the Memorial Service for a friend whom I had the privilege of leading to the Lord some months ago. As a result of sharing how my friend had come to Christ I learned that the ladies of his wife’s Bible study group had been praying for him for years. They were overjoyed to hear he had come to the Lord even if it was at the very end of his life. It was a real illustration of how the evangelist in very often the final link in the chain which leads someone to faith in the Lord Jesus. To God be all the glory.

Last weekend I was preaching in one of the Vancouver assemblies. The Lord’s presence was truly felt as the word of God was being preached. The Holy Spirit was working and some people who are grappling with significant challenges spoke of it being the Lord’s word for them. Also the young married man who came to the Lord the last time I was with this assembly is continuing to grow in the Lord. Again, all glory to our wonderful Lord. 

Our men’s Bible study has resumed and seven men met with me yesterday. They all testified to the fact that our times together is proving significant in their spiritual growth. 

Yesterday morning we met with our Advisory Board. We were able to rejoice together in all the Lord is doing as well as discuss and pray over some deeper issues relative to the ministry the Lord has given us.

Thank you again for your prayerful support which, as we keep saying and saying from our hearts, means more to us than you will ever know. 

“The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you”.
Clayton & Isobel,

2750 Tudor Avenue,
Victoria, B.C., V8N 1L5
Phone: 250 477 0543
Cell: 250 532 4093

54 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE KING: August 10th, 2018 Praises & Adoration For All His Blessings!



August 10th 2018 Praises & Adoration for all His Blessings!
Thank you very much for your prayers and support each month for the bills that you are helping me to keep up with. Sometimes there are shortages, but like the Apostle Paul says, abounding and making the best of what our Lord sends me. I appreciate everything you do for me and the work. Heaven awaits those who will give. Thank you for your gifts and prayers as they found the Lord because you helped them in the kingdom. It sure brings tears to my eyes when you think of the day when Jesus will say to you, “Well done for your care for Carmen and these people”. What a day that will be!  Let us remain faithful Jesus is nearer than we think!

A POSSIBLE  NEW OUTREACH : Looking to 2019
Prison ministry and a new outreach in a new Nursing Facility. So much to be done, however as the Lord has to guide me and open doors for these things. PRAY with me to this end. I am excited how He is going to make this happen. Catch the flame with me!

November 11th will mark five years at Cinnaminson Home. Oh what a joy to touch lives of the staff and Residents. To our Lord be the glory! I have brothers who share the ministry of the word along with me. I provide music, and new song books for those who can still see to read. The Lord give us a swell time every 2nd Sunday at 2.PM. Pray for us.

Martha’s Pantry” is thirty years now
It is being restocked for the holiday, with canned food and other non perishables, so when folk call the office I can either ask them to come and get the help or I’ll take it to them. You cannot imagine the need folk have at times. None of us are free from needs thank the Lord we can help as believers bring in their donations – Turkeys, and chicken are bought last for November and December’s  Gift Baskets with Bibles and other spiritual helps. Most times the needs are because of fires, work related, or just bad times, but these situation are not forever. We are glad to help the community.

Pray for  more children for our Sunday School and also for more young people for the youth outreach. Help us pray for new families, not church hoppers.

Pray for:
For women to serve in the women’s outreach at the chapel for the 2019 term and beyond.
For more open doors and open hearts to accept our Lord as I engage them.
Ethenic outreach at the Gas Stations, beauty salon, and Market shops.
For my son Nate who is incarcerated right now for accusations against him cost to help him is quite expensive. Pray for Lawyer Huff and Judge Smith as they handle his case.

Twenty four years since Ed and I have been separated- God is keeping me and helping me to live abundantly and serve His causes with joy. I am making it through because of your prayer, encouragement and help. Thank you very much. May you be watered as you do to me Isaiah 58:11 promises to do just that- water, prosper and strengthen us Amen!

We are Giving thanks and my heart is joyful and gracious. Your prayer brings peace amidst the trials in my family right now.! (Psalm 62:5) God is my/our hope and expectation Hallelujah!

Fall is here. I love and appreciate you for serving with me!

You are awesome,  

57 Gamewell La, Willingboro, NJ 08046

Prayer Partners for Paul Howland

Paul Howland

Dear Prayer Partners,

Last month the Lord brought me across the path of many people who were open to hear about Him.  I did not see the resistance to the Gospel as I traveled "A Cross America with Christ" like in 2017 except in Canada.  There was laughter and open opposition, but the three Provinces of Nouveau Brunswick, Québec & Toronto need personal workers to bring them to Christ.  The believers are few and far between.

As I head across the Midwest of the USA, I appreciate your prayers for the assemblies on my route.  Christ has stirred many hearts to be ready to lead others to Him.  Pray with me that the fire will not be quenched by the "cold water" that our Enemy will throw on that fire.  Remember the altar Elijah built!

You can see and read about the "latest news" of the mission the Lord has confided to me.  Just copy and paste or click on this link to visit my website:  https://pass4missions.yolasite.com/latest-news.php

In the fellowship of the Gospel,  Paul Howland

Paul Howland Classic Car.jpeg

September News from Sue

This last month I began to give out my new tracts. Since they are printed on thinner paper I can’t use a rubber band to keep them together or they would bend. I have missed some opportunities to give them to people because I couldn’t get them out of my purse fast enough. Maybe by the next letter I will tell you my solution.

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Chaplain Kenneth Botton - Chaplaincy Interview

Dr. Kenneth V. Botton, originally hails from North Hollywood, California. After high school, he attended the University of New Mexico as an NROTC Scholarship recipient and received his Navy Commission upon graduation in December 1971. Dr. Botton’s military career spanned almost 23 years and he saw service as both a line officer and a Chaplain. His assignments include...

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Sue Watt - News - November 2016


This month I met a Russian woman on the bus and was able to give her a tract in Russian. Her name was Oksana. I gave a bracelet to some parents for their little boy. He began to read it aloud with their help. I don’t have time for all the stories in a letter as I gave out 122 bracelets. One story that stands out was when I gave a bracelet to a collage art student. I was surprised that before I got off the bus she handed me a cartoon type drawing of myself that she drew on the bus. 

My favorite tract to give out is, “YOUR STORY, Do you know it?” written by a friend Paul Bramsen. It is a chronological, through the Bible, clear Gospel presentation. I give them out in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Paul later wrote a picture book called King of Glory. I have given a few of those in English, Spanish, Turkish, and Russian. Last summer after four years of work, he released the movie version of his book. Now he has released Edition 2, which is in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Somali, Swahili, Spanish and Turkish. (A DVD will only hold 8 languages.) The movie can also be watched free on the Internet at www.king-of-glory.com. He will be adding new languages on the Web. I wanted to order a few of the DVDs to give to people like Connie my Chinese friend at the photocopy store and her two workers, Joe and Tina. He asked how many I could use. I said, “Five to seven”, as I quickly thought of a few people. He said he would send me 10. However, later a box arrived with 50! I am asking the Lord to put them in the right hands. I have given copies to Connie, Joe and Tina. I gave one to my mail lady, Angie, who really likes me to put tracts in the mailbox. I think she is Catholic. I gave one to my good Chinese friend, Irene, and one for the pastor of her Chinese church. (Her pastor, by the way, is Korean, so he will be able to enjoy the movie in three languages!) I am sending one to Ning my former Chinese student. I have seen Tracey, mentioned in my last letter, several times. I offered her the DVD. However, she said, “I don’t want to watch it.” Her tone of voice was as if she was afraid I would force her to take it. 

I hope I can give a DVD to someone who speaks each of the 8 languages. Of course I cannot give them to everyone I meet, but since it is also free on line I am now giving out a business sized card that Paul made to direct people to the web site. (See attachment.) He sent me about 500 cards, so I am giving them with the bracelets as well as to others. The bracelets and short tract are well received, but the movie gives the whole story for our culture today that often has no Biblical background. I hope to give a DVD to a few pastors that I know, to introduce them to this tool for sharing the Gospel. Thank you for praying!

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Sue Watt 

2809 N. Cherry Ave. #2

Tucson, AZ 85719


Phone: 520 320-1131

Email: letterfromsue@gmail.com


Spread the Word

3237 Faire Wynd Pl.

Dover, PA 17315