A December Message from Life's Key

Good morning!  I sincerely hope that you had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving last week, and that a joyous time awaits you as Christmas draws nearer.  Please continue reading as there is some important information below.

You will notice that this month's letter is NOT attached to this e-mail.  The reason is because I would like to encourage as many visits to our website as possible.  While we have made progress becoming more relevant with the search engines, there is much room for improvement.  Web site traffic helps in that regard, so to read the letter, please go to our site by clicking on the link below, and then click on 2016 under "Life's Key News".  It highlights a wonderful letter I received from Shawn in Ohio, so please check it out when you get a chance! 


I would also like to inform you that our Christmas music is back!  I heard from quite a few people last year that they enjoyed having the music on in the background while browsing through either our site or other sites.  We have many more options this year, so if you are interested in that, here is another link you can use.  You can also visit the Library page on the site.


Finally, I would like to inform you that our website is getting a facelift!  The reason is that people use a variety of devices with different screen sizes to view our site.  This change will allow us to have a "responsive" website, meaning that the site will be able to collapse, expand, and stack based on the screen size it's responding to, allowing the design style to stay consistent between different devices.  Our new look will launch in the near future.  Here's a sneak peek! 
(If you cannot see the image below, please check to see if it transferred to you as an attached file.)

Tim Priano
Director - Life's Key