What is the 2COR9 Project?

In 2 Corinthians 9 we get to listen in on a conversation Paul is having with the Corinthians about financial assistance he hoped they would give to the needy believers in Jerusalem. Paul announced the needs of the poor church in Jerusalem to the ears of various assemblies in Galatia & Achaia. He then made arrangements for collection, transport, and distribution of funds back in Jerusalem. ACM is attempting to follow the pattern of Paul by letting believers know of certain specific needs of commended workers. We are naming this effort after 2 Corinthians 9 (2COR9 for short). In an effort to respect the privacy of the workers we will not give their names unless you contact us and ask specifically. Each of the needs listed is connected with a worker or widow connected in some way to the N. American assemblies. 

Technology? The technology piece comes in as we use texting, social media and online giving to speed up the communication of these needs. Our hope is to also use the same technology to help divide up the weight of paying for these needs among a wider body of believers. For example, if 1000 people received a text message from ACM sharing about a $5000 need, and all 1000 gave $5, we could address the need quickly and without significant burden to a small number (i.e if 20 people gave each would have to give $250, realistically limiting the number of needs they could easily give to in a particular month. If believers wish to give more, they are welcome to do so. ACM will attempt to update believers with information about needs as they are met. 



A commended worker and his wife have adopted a child with unique learning/educational needs that cannot be met in a homeschool environment. Those needs are also not being properly met in the nearby public school. Mom and dad believe their child can be best helped at a nearby Christian school. The tuition is $7000 a year. The parents applied for a grant from the school but were not selected. They are willing to cover as much of this tuition as they can, but they can't afford all of it.  The need thus ranges from $3500-7000.

TEXT: TUITION to 650-516-4501


The widow of a commended worker is working through the challenging task of trying to purchase a burial plot and casket for herself. She needs approx $4000 to cover the costs. Few family members are available to help. 

TEXT: FUNERAL to 650-516-4501