Fred & Jenny Kosin Update January 30, 2019

Dear Family and Friends of Jenny C Kosin,


Jenny Kosin is celebrating her 80th Birthday today. She was born in Plainfield NJ and raised in Fanwood NJ the small town next door. Her older brother John welcomed her and she then welcomed her sister a few years later and another brother 17 years later.

Jenny graduated from Scotch Plains High School in 1956 together with her brother and cousin Jim Mayer who with his sister Barbara were raised by Jenny’s parents Arthur and Ruth Mayer.

Jenny’s family were ones who were concerned for the usefulness of the local church and were instrumental in founding and developing the ministry known as Woodside Chapel.

She applied to a nursing school and became a resident at Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield NJ near her home in Fanwood. In her senior year her mother came to the maternity ward where she could greet her brother, Albert, just entering the world. That brought the family to four siblings of two boys and two girls and two cousins regularly resident in a small home in Fanwood where her dad had his own electrical business.

Subsequent to graduating as a registered nurse she applied for studies at Emmaus Bible College (school) in Oak Park, IL. It was there she roomed with a girl from the area and soon was told that she, (Gale) had dated a boy who was also a student at Emmaus. 

The attraction was rather quick which resulted in a “date” to a hamburger joint near the Emmaus campus. Jenny’s Idea of reuniting her roommate with the aforementioned young man never materialized and so mutual attraction developed between Jenny Mayer and Fred Kosin.

By the time our Emmaus pilgrimage ended we had concluded the Lord had brought us together for a permanent relationship. We began to explore what the ramifications of such a possibility might entail. I remember asking Jenny as we discussed missions, “Where has the Lord called you to serve Him?” The answer was very encouraging to me! “Wherever the Lord calls my husband!”

Off we were to Jenny’s home in NJ after graduation where I got a job similar to the one in IL which paid for my education. Jenny went back to nursing with a date set to consummate the nuptials on Sept 9, 1961. The requirement of military service was declared a week after our wedding. I was sent to Ft Dix, NJ for 8 weeks of basic training. Though I suggested a chaplain’s assistant might be commensurate with my recent training the army assigned me to Ft Gordon, GA near Augusta for 12 weeks of Military Police training.

When I was asked where I wanted to serve my 2 year requirement I asked for California hoping they would assign me to the east coast. By train I traveled to California and Jenny went back to NJ and the nursing job she had left to be near me in GA.

After a few months we were reunited in Oakland, CA to a comfortable apartment and a welcoming a local church. Number one son came along and was named Wesley after my dad. Shortly after number two son, Daniel, made his appearance named because we liked the name. Jenny was employed by a local hospital and gave birth in that hospital.

Following military service I got a job in construction as a carpenter. Since I could not work in the rainy season I changed employment managing a warehouse for a large shoe company in the Bay Area. At this point in life offers came for full time service in the Lord’s work or promotion in the shoe business.

We accepted the call to serve in a ministry of church planting in central Florida. With 2 ½ children we struck out from CA to FL to serve a local church just starting in Gainesville, FL in June of 1966. It was there that our third son was born and bears the name of an uncle of mine, named Roy. Subsequent to that ministry we were invited to assist a flourishing church in Orlando.

After a time we were invited to help a local church in Florence, SC and moved to begin a new chapter in our own learning and ministry serving the Lord and His people.

Ministries included Jenny’s Good News Club in our home each week. Three radio programs, conferences for me and camps for both of us from coast to coast and from FL to Canada.

One of those conferences was located at Mt Hermon in CA. There a missionary from Zaire (now Congo) came to me and asked if I would speak at a conference for missionaries in central Africa. Bill Spees had been serving the Lord longer than I had been living and so I questioned the wisdom of such a responsibility. Yet he persisted in asking me to come.

A couple of years later I was finally free of many responsibilities and planned to embark on a two month journey arranged by Mr Spees. Jenny would stay home caring for our family and home. The trip opened my eyes to the desperate need for pastoral care for missionaries. The two month venture included some practical work but a lot of ministry of the Word and a significant involvement in counseling those serving the Lord far from home.

The two months apart constrained us to never again be separated for that long. When invitations to return came we determined to only go when we could serve together. We set out on a venture into a ministry in 1985 for a six month trip and a calling we never sought.  On our return we were compelled to consider a permanent change of service confirmed by the Scriptures in II Cor 8:5.

In 1987 we began the calling that has taken us around the globe to more than four score countries. I often thought of the question I asked Jenny before we were even engaged “Where has the Lord called you to serve Him?” Her profound answer has guided her for these 57 years, four months and 21 days.

She has unswerving served side by side with me in all of those places at the same time providing a comfortable and beautifully coordinated home for our expanding family. On top of that she has demonstrated an expertise and artistic devotion to the yard which is a virtual botanical garden.  At the same time she has opened our home in a significant way for hospitality for family and friends traveling from place to place.  The piano in our home has reverberated many times for her and my enjoyment. It was not unusual for her to accompany a large gathering of friends who have eaten their fill of a shared meal and then gather around the piano for a hymn sing.  Overnight guests were often awakened to her playing great hymns of the faith.

Her creative ability is further proved by hundreds of handmade cards sent to every extended family member for birthdays and anniversaries. Many outside the family have received these amazing creations out of card stock, colored paper, some paint and design that make every card a keep sake.  They have been received at births, deaths, promotions, marriages, sickness, sorrows, birthdays and etc. The family members always received a nice, new crisp bank note to recognize the added year of accumulating age.  Bible studies have been part and parcel of her commitment to the spiritual development of those around her.

Jenny has poured her life out for the Lord first of all. I have been the recipient of that effort, energy, grace and fragrance all these years. Those who have come from her as her progeny have risen up and called her blessed as Proverbs 31:28 records.

So on this special day marking the goodness and grace of our loving Father we serve notice that this gracious lady is to be praised because she reflects and radiates the graces of Christ who she loves and serves. So together we have been

Serving the greatest Master,
Fred AND Jenny

PS: As usual for January our proposed schedule of ministry is just below this very different missive. Proposed, because there are several changes likely.
PSS: We always appreciate your bathing us and our efforts in your prayer. 

Ministry for Fred & Jenny Kosin [DV]

2019    JAN - Faith Bible, Raleigh, NC

            FEB - Community Bible, Florence, SC

            MAR 3 - Myrtle Beach Bible, SC

                        10 - Summerville Bible, SC

                        17 - 10th Ave Bible Vancouver, BC, Canada

                        24 - Portland, OR

                        31 - Rohnert Park Bible, CA

            APR 7 – Western Wake Bible NC

14 - 17 - North Augusta Bible, SC

21 - Nashville Gospel, TN

28 - TBA

MAY 5 -  Grace & Truth Bible, Jupiter, FL

            8 - Boulevard Bible, Hollywood , FL

            9- Boca Raton Bible, Boca Raton, FL

12 - Grace & Truth Bible, Jupiter, FL

19 - Faith Bible Fellowship, Raleigh NC

26 - Waynesville Christian, NC

JUN 2 - Waynesville Christian, NC

9 - TBA

16 - Myrtle Beach Bible, SC

23 - Community Bible, St Albans, VT

25 - Emmanuel Bible, Montague, PEI, Canada       

26 - Summerside Bible, PEI

30 - AM- Upton Gospel, PEI

30 - PM-Charlottetown Bible, PEI Canada

JUL 7 - Courtenay Ave Gospel, St John, NB, Canada

            14 - Maplewood Bible , NJ

            16 - Parkland, Florence, SC

21 - North Augusta Bible, SC

28 - Summerville Bible, SC

AUG - Faith Bible, Raleigh, NC

SEP  1 - Myrtle Beach Bible, SC

- Woodside Chapel, Fanwood, NJ

10 - Grace, Tenafly, NJ

11 - Maplewood Bible, NJ

12 - South Branch Bible, NJ

15 - Woodside Chapel, Fanwood, NJ

22 - Ft Lauderdale, FL

29 – Ft Lauderdale, FL

OCT 6 - Waynesville Christian, NC

                        13 - Waynesville Christian, NC

                        20 - North Augusta Bible, SC

27 – Meeting Room, Mumbai, India

NOV 3 - Meeting Room, Mumbai, India

                        10 - Bethesda, Bangalore, India

                        17 - Kochi, Angamally, India

24 - Hiawassa Bible, Orlando, FL

DEC 1 - Hiawassa Bible, Orlando, FL

8 - Western Wake Bible, Apex, NC

15 - Summerville Bible, SC

22 & 29 - TBA

2408 Bennett Dr, Darlington SC 29532

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