September News from Sue

This last month I began to give out my new tracts. Since they are printed on thinner paper I can’t use a rubber band to keep them together or they would bend. I have missed some opportunities to give them to people because I couldn’t get them out of my purse fast enough. Maybe by the next letter I will tell you my solution. I also need to print more soon. I had printed 500 copies but gave out 324 this month. Of that number 54 were a different tract I give to Internationals because it lists the languages in which King of Glory is available.  I was surprised I had given out over twice as many this month. The way I know how many I have given out is I count what I have left in my box. However, I realized that number only reflects the number of people who took the literature. There are always some people who refuse so they are not counted. Maybe sometime I will keep track of how many people refuse the literature.

I also gave Gospels of John to 14 people (9 in English, 2 in Spanish, 3 in French, and still none in Russian).

On my way to a store recently, I walked by a bus bench with two ladies. I stopped to give them tracts. One lady was from Rwanda. I had never met anyone from Rwanda. The other lady was an American, but as we talked she said her dad was from the Philippines.

The same trip I met a lovely young Indian mother taking her child to school. I was so glad that the King of Glory is now in Hindi. Then later that trip I also met a young man from Senegal. Again, I was happy as the movie is in Wolof the major language of Senegal. The creator of the King of Glory learned Wolof when he worked in Senegal. This young man was looking for a job, so I also shared with him the name of a good book on deciding your career and how to find a job that is available at the public library. 

I talked to a deaf lady I had met before. I was glad she had found job since we last talked.

Another day I met two ladies from Africa. I had met one of them before. She said I had given her the card, so I gave her the Gospel of John in French. The other lady was from Togo. I think she is the first person I have met from there. Her name was Nina. She said she had just visited her country. She seemed to be a believer. Her cute little girl enjoyed getting the bright colored bracelet. I gave her a Gospel of John in French. I had just one more with me.

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