Expansion Opportunity!! Southwest Bible Camp

August 22, 2018

Dear Brethren,

It is with a sense of the grace and goodness of our God that Southwest Bible Camp rejoices in nearly 60 years of sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to girls, boys, youth and families! How rich our God truly is to preserve and bless this ministry over many years and to see so many come to faith in Christ at camp. We rejoice and praise God for the impact that will only be fully realized in glory.

SWBC had very humble beginnings in 1959 as a summer effort in rented facilities along the Catwalk Road in an old Civilian Conservation Corps Camp. For several years these summer camps continued in various rented facilities until 1970 when SWBC purchased property in Glenwood, New Mexico. The facilities and land purchased were a part of a dude ranch constructed in the late 1940's and offered a magnificent multi-purpose building (Mound House) and a separate dorm building (Petticoat Lodge). The desire among many brethren was to negate the uncertainty of renting camp facilities and establish and continue Bible camp ministry in the Southwestern United States. At the time, the hurdles were enormous: lack of funds, few supporting assemblies and mixed feelings about committing to such a purchase. God is faithful! He has provided and blessed and today SWBC is a special place that has impacted thousands of people for the Kingdom of God! Over time additional land and buildings would be purchased, built and added to result in what we have today.

God has allowed for the adjacent property of Whitewater Motel to become available for purchase. The owner of the Motel property is not marketing its' sale but is in private communication with Southwest Bible Camp. When first constructed in 1948, the Whitewater Motel and SWBC properties were unified and operated as Whitewater Lodge.

Whitewater Motel


Given the history and positive relationships formed with the Whitewater's current owner, we have been provided the unique opportunity of acquiring those facilities for the asking price of $350,000. It is with much thoughtful prayer that we would consider the leading of the Spirit on such a decision. The camp board is fully aware that the proposition of rejoining this long-time fragmented property carries with it much potential for ministry as well as additional need.

The Whitewater Motel has many possibilities for use as a part of Southwest Bible Camp. We see a provision for much needed additional housing to couples and families. Seeing the Lord lead the upcoming generation to take up the mantle has granted occasion for serious consideration based on this need alone. Rental camp opportunities would become both more attractive with the added value of these well-maintained facilities and would give opportunity for larger camps and a greater staff body. The Motel includes 12 motel style rooms complete with bathroom and shower facilities, caretaker housing, laundry, maintenance and storage spaces in the basement. The Rock Shop/Post Office building is also included in the parcel for sale. The Rock Shop could be the administrative center for SWBC. The Motel has a lease agreement with the U.S. Postal Service which we understand could be continued if SWBC became the owner. This lease would generate a small amount of monthly income to us going forward.

With these potential benefits in mind, we must consider the cost. We have had an outstanding need for caretaking ministry to the camp facilities for over 5 years. Were the Whitewater Motel property purchased, this need would only expand with the added duties of caring for and maintaining such facilities. The financial cost of $350,000 perhaps seems small when compared with our caretaker vacancy. We covet your prayers.

If the Lord put it on the hearts of 350 people to designate $84 per month toward this project for one year, the purchase price would be more than accounted for. We have both seen and know that God does far greater things than that. The primary question then is not "How could this be done?" but, "What would the Lord ask me to do?"

In answer to this question, we would submit the following actions: pray, and respond. In praying, ask for the Lord's leading regarding this property. If it is His will it will come about, if not we will continue serving in the manner we have been and praise Him for showing His will. Pray that the Lord would provide caretakers. Pray that He would lay this need on the hearts of those best suited to His purpose and provide the means for them to minister. Pray for those governing the financial hoops and vaults, that the process and decisions would be controlled by God's wisdom and timing. Pray for the Board and those ministering in administration that wisdom and grace would abound in them, both for this project and in all matters that the Lord would lead.

Having given yourself to prayer, give yourself also to the leading of the Holy Spirit. If He would have you participate in the purchase of the Whitewater Motel property, then give joyfully and generously toward that need which He has laid on your heart. If the Lord has called you to minister in the caretaking role, so long needed at SWBC, then wait no longer! If God has given you the task of prayer, then do not cease to pray for these things until the Lord gives an answer. In whatever case, follow the leading of the Lord!

We would seek the will of God in these matters and ask that you do the same. To prayerfully contribute to the Motel property purchase please send any gift to:

SWBC c/o 8005 Kathryn Ave. SE Albuq., NM 87108

To share any feedback/concerns please send to the above address or email to: swbcamp@gmail.com

We cannot thank you all enough for your prayers, practical financial support, and to the many who give of themselves in service to our Lord Jesus Christ! For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His Name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister. Heb. 6:10

In Christ,


Alan Lennox for SWBC swbcamp@gmail.com