A Quick Visit To Los Angeles by Richard and Nancye Yarrall


Dear friends,

In past newsletters we have asked for prayer for Alan Morris, who lives in Long Beach, and is a member of the Westminster Latino church. He was diagnosed some eight years ago with throat cancer. Amazingly the Lord has sustained him all these years but finally the cancer has advanced. A few weeks ago, he was hospitalized, and they diagnosed a tumor pressing against his heart. The doctors said there was nothing more they could do. He is in the ICU on life support and could pass away at any time. His wife, Eddy, is by his side and there are two teen-age children and they are all quite upset. 

Alan has been a faithful Christian and a leader in the church as well as an extended family from Honduras. He joined the church some thirteen years ago and through him and another brother led us to many Honduran immigrants. As a result of working with the family some thirty have come to know the Lord or have been restored to the Lord. They are all devastated by Alan’s illness as they have depended on him for his spiritual leadership. 

Nancye and I have been praying about making a return visit to Los Angeles to spend time with the family and the church. They need a lot of support at this time as it has been devastating for many of them.

So we have booked flights to Los Angeles leaving from Auckland on Tuesday, October 9th and returning on Sunday night, October 28th. Your prayers would be a big help at this time as we go to minister both to the Westminster church and to the extended Morris family. 

Why the English name Morris? Their grandfather went from Texas to Honduras many years ago where he met and married a girl. The rest is history. The offspring grew up speaking Spanish but have access to residency in the USA which they have taken advantage of.

We look forward to this return visit and meeting all our old friends, plus getting back into the Spanish speaking world. Time will preclude any visits beyond Los Angeles. We can’t stay longer as we must be back in New Zealand for my sister and brother-in-law’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary in early November. 

Your prayers at this time would be appreciated for a profitable time of ministry in Los Angeles among our Latino friends. 

With love in our Lord,
Richard and Nancye