54 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE KING: August 10th, 2018 Praises & Adoration For All His Blessings!



August 10th 2018 Praises & Adoration for all His Blessings!
Thank you very much for your prayers and support each month for the bills that you are helping me to keep up with. Sometimes there are shortages, but like the Apostle Paul says, abounding and making the best of what our Lord sends me. I appreciate everything you do for me and the work. Heaven awaits those who will give. Thank you for your gifts and prayers as they found the Lord because you helped them in the kingdom. It sure brings tears to my eyes when you think of the day when Jesus will say to you, “Well done for your care for Carmen and these people”. What a day that will be!  Let us remain faithful Jesus is nearer than we think!

A POSSIBLE  NEW OUTREACH : Looking to 2019
Prison ministry and a new outreach in a new Nursing Facility. So much to be done, however as the Lord has to guide me and open doors for these things. PRAY with me to this end. I am excited how He is going to make this happen. Catch the flame with me!

November 11th will mark five years at Cinnaminson Home. Oh what a joy to touch lives of the staff and Residents. To our Lord be the glory! I have brothers who share the ministry of the word along with me. I provide music, and new song books for those who can still see to read. The Lord give us a swell time every 2nd Sunday at 2.PM. Pray for us.

Martha’s Pantry” is thirty years now
It is being restocked for the holiday, with canned food and other non perishables, so when folk call the office I can either ask them to come and get the help or I’ll take it to them. You cannot imagine the need folk have at times. None of us are free from needs thank the Lord we can help as believers bring in their donations – Turkeys, and chicken are bought last for November and December’s  Gift Baskets with Bibles and other spiritual helps. Most times the needs are because of fires, work related, or just bad times, but these situation are not forever. We are glad to help the community.

Pray for  more children for our Sunday School and also for more young people for the youth outreach. Help us pray for new families, not church hoppers.

Pray for:
For women to serve in the women’s outreach at the chapel for the 2019 term and beyond.
For more open doors and open hearts to accept our Lord as I engage them.
Ethenic outreach at the Gas Stations, beauty salon, and Market shops.
For my son Nate who is incarcerated right now for accusations against him cost to help him is quite expensive. Pray for Lawyer Huff and Judge Smith as they handle his case.

Twenty four years since Ed and I have been separated- God is keeping me and helping me to live abundantly and serve His causes with joy. I am making it through because of your prayer, encouragement and help. Thank you very much. May you be watered as you do to me Isaiah 58:11 promises to do just that- water, prosper and strengthen us Amen!

We are Giving thanks and my heart is joyful and gracious. Your prayer brings peace amidst the trials in my family right now.! (Psalm 62:5) God is my/our hope and expectation Hallelujah!

Fall is here. I love and appreciate you for serving with me!

You are awesome,  

57 Gamewell La, Willingboro, NJ 08046