Prayer Partners for Paul Howland

Paul Howland

Dear Prayer Partners,

Last month the Lord brought me across the path of many people who were open to hear about Him.  I did not see the resistance to the Gospel as I traveled "A Cross America with Christ" like in 2017 except in Canada.  There was laughter and open opposition, but the three Provinces of Nouveau Brunswick, Québec & Toronto need personal workers to bring them to Christ.  The believers are few and far between.

As I head across the Midwest of the USA, I appreciate your prayers for the assemblies on my route.  Christ has stirred many hearts to be ready to lead others to Him.  Pray with me that the fire will not be quenched by the "cold water" that our Enemy will throw on that fire.  Remember the altar Elijah built!

You can see and read about the "latest news" of the mission the Lord has confided to me.  Just copy and paste or click on this link to visit my website:

In the fellowship of the Gospel,  Paul Howland

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