Henderson Report and Prayer Requests

Dear beloved of the Lord, thank you for praying for us – it has been four months since our last update; here is what is going on in Ottawa, KS.

Brenda had one after-school club this fall with several new children attending. Brenda is presently doing follow up visits in an effort to get parents into a Bible study and to continue working with the club children. We are thankful for Travis and Luke’s help in supporting the club. Clubs are planned in two public schools this spring.

Scripture calendars have been given out in Ottawa and Kelsi recently handed out dozens on the campus of Washburn University.

The outreach study at the dude-plex on Thursday evenings continues and several unsaved people have attended.

Adrianna and Adah professed Christ as Savior this spring and Tennessee and Cole (who Travis and Luke have been working with) recently said that they were saved this summer.

The outreach Bible study on Monday evenings at our home continues, with several new people attending. Last Monday night we actually had four different Bible studies occurring in our home at the same time, as various saints were working personally with others of various maturity levels.

Funny Story
Without talking to each other, both Kate and Trey were exercised to buy an assortment of tracts for personal evangelism. On one particular day, Trey was surprised to find two identical boxes in the mailbox from the same tract company; one addressed to himself and the other to Kate. He delivered Kate’s package and inquired about it. Apparently, the Holy Spirit had directed them to order the same tracts (some in Spanish) from the same company on the same day, which then delivered on the same day. What is the probability of that? 

Our Tuesday night discipleship study continues, but was moved from our home to another home (three families attend that study).

The time and place of two more weekly discipleship studies has switched around a bit, but we now meet at 8 and 10 on Monday mornings.

The First Wedding
OCF had its first wedding on November 10th. It was a joy to take Alec and Katherine through pre-marriage counsel and then to officiate their wedding (which was in our home with about a hundred people in attendance). The newlyweds regularly attend OCF.

Itinerant Ministry
I am still trying to limit my itinerant ministry to twice a month to support the new assembly in Ottawa. This tends to push out my speaking schedule somewhat. Presently 2019 is full and 2020 is half-full. Ministry since August occurred in KS, CT, NJ (US), and BC, AB, ON (Canada). Upcoming ministry is planned for CT, KS, OK, IL, WI, ON.

Ottawa Christian Fellowship
This has been a good year of spiritual and numerical growth – all praise goes to the Lord Jesus!

We are very thankful to have a number of spiritually-minded young people in our assembly.

Refining and Reminding.jpg

Door of Hope (on the Minor Prophets) was published in May and Refining and Reminding (Numbers and Deuteronomy) was published last month. The latter book is the twelfth of fourteen volumes in the Old Testament Commentary that I am writing. Books are available in Kindle, EPub, and Print on Demand. Here is a link to the Amazon page.

Presently, I am studying and writing on Kings and Chronicles. Editing of the Samuel manuscript has been completed. God-willing, I hope to finish this 18-year project by the end of 2019.

Family Health
Thank you for praying for Kate and Trey. Kate has been working three days a week as APRN and is pursuing her nursing doctorate. She still has neurological issues but recent tests have revealed some reasons for that and we are hopeful that treatment in the next few months will alleviate some of her suffering. We are thankful that after various treatments, tests in September revealed that the Enterocussuc and Salmonella in Trey’s gut has been finally removed. He has fair health and worked about three of the last six months on a farm in OK. The plan is to remove his tonsils next week and then re-attack the chronic Strep infection that he has been battling for 2.5 years. We will probably know in 2019 if he will be able to return to Mission Aviation Training or not. There are several other health matters that we would appreciate your prayers for also. 

Many hardships in the work of the Lord, but there is also much joy in going on with the Lord through them!

Thanks for praying for us!
Warren for all the Hendersons