Ed and Barb Anthony Update

For our commonwealth has its existence in the heavens from which also we await the Lord Jesus Chris as Savior. Philippians 3:20

For our commonwealth has its existence in the heavens from which also we await the Lord Jesus Chris as Savior. Philippians 3:20

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It has been a while since our last update and hope that this current edition finds you all doing well in the Lord.   We appreciate the many requests asking of our welfare and are thankful on every remembrance of the so many who care for us and the ministry to which the Lord has called us.  We hope that this update will be of help as you continue to pray for us.  Of course in sharing this update we desire that the name of the Lord might be magnified!

Where shall we begin?  As ever, the Lord helps us along the earthly journey and has used many of you to bring us along the way.  We give thanks first to Him and then to you for your concern over the years for us.  It is obviously impossible to reference every act of kindness that has been shown us but we do convey our sincere thanks for all you have done in encouraging us for His name’s sake.  Many are his people and local assemblies that have prayed for us, provided hospitality, provided gifts, and encouraged us. May he richly reward each according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.     

By God’s grace we have been able to spend considerable time helping local assemblies of his people throughout North America.  We especially seek to help many of the smaller works as they desire to maintain a local testimony in the area where they have been planted.  A great deal of time is spent in studying and sharing His word with the saints through Bible studies, assembly meetings, and conferences.  We also meet with families and elders as needed to help with challenges they are facing on the wilderness journey.  Biblical ministry has covered a wide range of topics including, to name a few, studies in book structure and flow; lessons on how God manifests himself to the world, New Testament church principles, and book studies including, among others, Hebrews, Luke, Numbers, and Ruth.  We are continuing our study in the book of Isaiah at the Nashville bible study that meets each week when we are available. 

Although time has been limited, we try to write articles to help the saints as we are able.  These included several that were published in Elders’ ShopNotes and Cornerstone Magazine.  

There is much need among God’s people and we appreciate your payer as we continue to help where we can along the way offering assistance to elders and encouraging the saints.  Much ministry has already been scheduled on the calendar for 2019 and we appreciate your prayers that it might bear fruit for His glory.

Thank you for your prayers for Barbara.  As many of you know she takes on the yeoman’s task of driving Ed where he needs to be.  Our Mazda 6 continues to do very well as we just went over 150,000 miles on it.  We are thankful for the Lord’s provision and safety over the many miles.

We are thankful for good health and have not encountered any major health issues over the past few years.  We just returned from ministry in Texas where we also had an opportunity to visit our son, Paul and his wife, Jen, and our three granddaughters.   All are doing well.  Paul continues as the public information officer for the county and Jen works for her dad’s surveying business.  The children recently professed Christ as savior and were baptized.  Pray that their lives will be devoted to the Lord and bring glory to His name.

We close our letter as we do each time saying that it is our sincere desire that we would be able to visit all of you each year but the physical realities of such an undertaking make that impossible and we hope you understand.  We continue to seek the Lord’s guidance to minister where He wants us to be.  Whether with you or absent we hope that the Lord has spoken to you through His Word this past year.  Feel free to print and post this letter for your assembly as well.

Thank you for your continued prayer for us.  Feel free to call us at 615-775-2605 or write us at destinyslink@bellsouth.net if you need to contact us for any reason. We are once again thankful to our God for all He is doing among His people and through us.

Desiring His richest blessing for you,
Ed and Barb Anthony

We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you.  Colossians 1:3.