Prayer Update From Bev

Dear Family in the Lord.


Greetings again in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have thought about these verses many times. John who wrote the book of the Revelations wept because there was no man able to open the scrolls (and bring judgement on Satan, and end His Kingdom of darkness.) Then one of the elders, around the throne said to John “Don’t weep, because the Lion of the tribe of Judah has overcome, and is able to bring down His judgments.” To destroy the king of darkness and his kingdom is to end all war, suffering, death, disease, injustice, broken relationships, natural disasters and evil in the heart of every one. The Lion of the tribe of Judah was Jesus, and what Israel was looking for was a LION fierce and terrible to deliver the nation of Israel and destroy her enemies. .. But then John in his vision looks and he does not see a LION, but on the throne of the Ancient of Days was a lamb as if it had been slain. .. A lamb gives us an image of weakness, and a lamb as if it had been slain further intensifies the image of weakness. God will not deliver Israel with the power like that of a LION, but with the character of meekness, love, compassion, and surrender to the will of the LORD. This is how the power of Jesus contrasts with the world powers and the power of Satan. .. In the book by Ken Fleming on “God’s Witness in the Stars” he shows how God’s plan of redemption was revealed to Adam and Eve at the beginning and taught to all his descendants, and after the flood the nations were taught by Noah to all before the confusion of the languages at Babel. Thus, all Gentile nations had God’s message of redemption long before Moses wrote the Pentateuch. In the zodiac sign of Libra, the theme is the price of redemption and man’s inability to pay. But the constellation of the southern cross in the sign of Libra, reveals that the price would be paid by the death of a perfect sacrifice on a cross. This was revealed long before David wrote the Messianic Psalms, of the death of the Messiah where His hands and feet would be pierced. .. Also, in the zodiac sign of Aries is the picture of a lamb that is dying, but he has a crown on his head. This lamb of God will die by crucifixion, but will rise from the dead to receive an eternal kingdom. Jesus thus has power over death disease suffering war, disasters and evil. It is AMAZING the details that have been revealed in the stars as a message to ALL NATIONS. HE IS WORTHY to bring Judgment

We just finished our Corn Roast and Campfire Supper with the International Students, and immediately I am preparing for our Thanksgiving party with the Students and Scholars. Pray for this next event as this is one of the times that we present the gospel at our event. We must advertise if there will be a religious message so that they do not feel deceived. I am surprised that some Muslims come when we share the gospel, but others are offended and can complain about us, and cause problems for us. There are more groups now working on the Campuses with International students and Scholars, so our numbers at our social events are not as large as they have been in the past, as there are more options to choose from, .. but more students are being reached in different ways, for which we must Praise the Lord. I have had a good number of students in the Bible studies this last year, and P.T.L. many seem to have had a positive change of heart and mind. We are seeing a number leave during August and September and the ranks are not filling up as fast again, but the Lord knows that I need a relaxed pace from time to time, to catch my breath. The Lord keeps bringing to us those who are interested in Bible. P.T.L

Thank you for your prayers and support. May the Lord bless you.
Bev Boyle

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