Prayer Update Bev Oct 2018


Dear Prayer Partners:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. According to the verse above, justice and mercy are two opposite concepts. Justice demands that the offender (us) be punished, and Mercy is to NOT punish the offender as He deserves. In Jesus’ death we see how justice and mercy can be applied to the guilty. God requires FAITH and REPENTANCE for mercy to be applied. God’s justice is slow, as God is waiting for all to repent. How do we practice justice and mercy? As the offended. .. be patient .. pray for the person, do not return evil for evil and show mercy especially when there is repentance. As the offender confess your errors when you have hurt others and repent (change). To walk Humbly with God is to see others as people that God loves and died for, who are struggling with issues where they have no hope. Remember that “There but for the grace of God go I” I do not know why I am saved and others not. But I want to reach out to them thinking that if our roles were reversed I would want them to reach out to me, to give me HOPE. See the prose by Amy Carmichael on the back

We just finished having out Thanksgiving Party with the International scholars. It usually is very close to the Chinese Moon Festival so we include the typical moon cake, with our Canadian style dinner. We thank the Lord that we had 80 scholars/people for the afternoon. This number also included some parents and children of the Scholars and helpers and their children. With fewer helpers it is a big challenge to feed this many people where we never can have pork and need to offer halal dishes to the Muslims, and vegetarian options to others, and have limited beef dishes in case there are Hindus who come. We try to accommodate their cultural preferences where possible. I Thank the Lord for those volunteers who give up their Saturday almost every month to help me in this ministry.

I have to Thank the Lord that even when we have less people coming to the monthly events, there are new contacts made in various ways, and I continue to have a full weekly schedule of Bible studies. With many new scholars who signed up for Bible and English I need to give an orientation class to each one but they cannot come on the same day so I have many extra classes in the next few weeks, until I can give orientation to them. This is necessary as almost all have never read a Bible, never heard about Jesus, and have been taught that evolution is proven by science to be true, and therefore it is proven that God does not exist. BUT praise God HE DOES EXIST, and is able to and does illuminate their mind, that they may believe.

As of this fall, I no longer have contacts at Carleton University. Pray that there might be some interested Scholars again. At the Moment I have 3 Bible study groups at Ottawa U main Campus, and One study at Ottawa U General Hospital Campus, one group at Algonquin and one class with the children of a number of the Scholars. I can handle more than 5 a week for a short time, but 5 is the usual number of studies that I can manage on a long term basis.

I do ask you to pray for a couple with 5 children who were forced to return to their country. Continue to pray for ALL Scholars as they return home. Pray that they will take the time to read the weekly lessons I send them. Fellowship with other believers is very difficult for many.

Thank you for your support and prayers.
Bev Boyle

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