Attwood Address Change


Attwood Update

“When thou saidst, Seek ye My face; my heart said unto Thee,
Thy face, Lord, will I seek.”   
Psalm 27:8

How we thank the Lord for each of you, your prayers and practical love shown to us is much appreciated.

On July 8th, after 33 years of children in our home, we officially became “empty nesters”. We took a few days just to pray and seek the Lord as to what this change in our lives might mean practically. One thing became clear to us - the need to simplify and downsize.  We moved into a much smaller townhouse and are seeking to befriend our new neighbors while we reorganize.

***  Please note our new address now is:
3085 W Cardinal Street
Springfield MO 65810

In the midst of all this activity, Mike was bitten by Pin Oak mites, which caused a lot of physical discomfort and pain – he has recovered well after several weeks, and is back on a fairly regular preaching schedule.

We were surprised and delighted with the arrival of James, our oldest son. He flew in from Norway for three days to help us in transition.  Please pray on for the work in Ellingsoy he is involved with. He has weekly prayer and discipleship meetings, and is engaged in shepherding the flock there, as well as seeking to reach out with the Gospel in the area.

Upcoming trips for Mike include Dearborn, Michigan, the TEPSE Encounter Conference, and teaching Romans at the Ezekiel Project School of Evangelism; Spanish Wells, Bahamas; and Heidelberg, Ontario. Your prayers for the power of the Holy Spirit upon those meetings would be greatly appreciated.

Sometime between November and January we need to visit Norway. Mike has yet to see our new granddaughter, Ella [4 months old now], and try to encourage the saints there, and Ireland too, where three of our children now make their home.

We covet your prayers, we realize time is short and want our lives to be as effective as possible, as the Lord Jesus said …” work for the night is coming when no man can work!” John 9:4.

Pray for our Turkish Muslim friend, Omer (age 21), who is reading the Gospel literature we gave him and feels we are like a second family to him. Ann Marie met him in Atlanta Airport on a return trip from Norway four months ago. She took him to the airport today and prayed with him before he went through security. He was deeply moved and wept all the way to security. Do pray for his salvation. He returns to Turkey mid-October.

Mike & Ann Marie Attwood
3085 West Cardinal Street
Springfield MO 65810
Telephone:   706-340-5997