News From Sue Watt August 2017

News from Sue  August 2017


In my July newsletter, the first story was about a lady that spoke Persian (Farsi). The King of Glory Gospel presentation has just been recorded in Farsi and will soon be available on the Internet! The second story in that letter was about a lady from Morocco. The King of Glory should be recorded in Moroccan Arabic in the next few months!

I don’t often met people from Europe, but the other day I met two people from Europe in one day. The first lady didn’t want a bracelet, so we just talked awhile. I was still holding the tract and bracelet in my hand. She got curious and said, “Yes, I would like to read it.” She was 89 years old and still out on the buses. I could not recognize her accent, so I asked where she was from originally. She said she was from Lithuania and spoke German.

Later that day I was at a grocery store. As I came out to catch the bus, it zoomed by the bus stop. Oh well, I will go back in the store and stay cool. I remembered that I needed some fruit so bought some. As I headed outside I missed the second bus. Well, I better just go sit and wait for the next one. As I sat there I looked at my receipt and noticed they had made a mistake. Even though I saw the third bus coming, I returned to the store. After the lady helped me I gave her a bracelet. On the fourth bus, I met another older lady. I think she said she was 86 years old. She also had an accent. I learned she was from England. She said she would give the bracelet to a little girl in her church. I asked what church she attended and learned it was a church I had visited a couple of times! (They had a sewing group, but I have been too busy to consider joining.) I was glad I was on the bus God had for me to ride that day.

One day recently I saw a man toward the back of the bus who looked like he was wearing a rubber band type Good News bracelet. Then he moved his other hand where I could see it, and on the other hand was one of my bracelets. I don’t often see people wearing them later.

I missed the #4 bus, but had a nice opportunity with a lady on the next bus. Then I just missed the #15 bus. When the bus did not arrive in 15 minutes I realized it was the time in the afternoon when the bus switches to every 30 minutes. So, I had a long wait, but it was cloudy so not too hot. On the next bus, I did have several good opportunities including a family with three school aged children. It was a long day, I was on 7 buses, but I gave out 20 bracelets.

Today my order of King of Glory cards arrived. Also, a 1,000 business-sized cards to go with the bracelets.  I decided to design the cards instead of a new tract. These cards have three verses and direct people to a place on the Internet to read the Gospel of John. If I learn they do not use the Internet, and do not have a Bible in their home, then I have Gospels of John to give to them.

Thank you for praying!

Sue Watt