MPI for September 7th, 2016

MPI for September 7th, 2016.



NIGERIA: Tom & Lois Wheeler (Day 3)
At the Girls’ camp held here, a girl collapsed on the field and was rushed to hospital. Her hemoglobin was desperately low and she needed transfusions. On discharge, her hospital bill was cancelled. When she returned to camp she cried, trying to understand why someone would give blood to her and cancel her debt. She accepted Christ as her Saviour before camp closed.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: John & Joyce Meerstra (Day 10)
A little boy from a tribe fell off a tractor mower and his leg got caught in the blade. Our missionaries were able to help keep him alive through the night until we could fly him to the hospital. He needed amputation. His father was a testimony of faith. As he was getting on the plane with his son, uncertain of the outcome, he was still reassuring the Soromi people that he placed no blame on them. He said “I want my son to listen to God’s Word, and some day help me to spread the Gospel.”

FRANCE: Gerry & Dorothy Seed (Day 13)
We have spent considerable time with a few individuals who are struggling with various issues in their lives (Christian or not). It is a privilege to open the Word and share from there how the Lord can be relevant in all life’s circumstances. Pray for receptive hearts.

IRELAND: Colin & Rosemary Sheldon (Day 15)
In October, we will be distributing copies of the 4you gospel magazine into the homes of an estate close to the assembly. A distribution on the next estate will happen in November. We pray good conversations will take place.

ITALY: Pietro & Nichole Cara (Day 15)
Our small group is our favorite part of ministry, spending time with this group each week and connecting with them individually through the week. Pray for the spiritual growth of our small group family.

MEXICO: Tim & Stephanie Woodford (Day 20)
The assembly helped with 2 weeks of nightly gospel meetings in a needy area. We set up lights and a generator, and spoke under a tree to a number who showed interest. These contacts have been made through a weekly children’s class. The evening outreach is continuing with gospel meetings in two different homes. We value your prayers.

BRAZIL: Jeanne Lipsi (Day 23)
The Bible classes in public schools continue. A brother is publishing some very nice booklets for children to study the Bible. Two schools have given me the okay and I pray that all schools will permit me to give them out, plus a Bible to all of the children that graduate from 5th grade. I thank the Lord for the privilege of reaching 805 children in the schools.


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