Sue Watt - News - November 2016


This month I met a Russian woman on the bus and was able to give her a tract in Russian. Her name was Oksana. I gave a bracelet to some parents for their little boy. He began to read it aloud with their help. I don’t have time for all the stories in a letter as I gave out 122 bracelets. One story that stands out was when I gave a bracelet to a collage art student. I was surprised that before I got off the bus she handed me a cartoon type drawing of myself that she drew on the bus. 

My favorite tract to give out is, “YOUR STORY, Do you know it?” written by a friend Paul Bramsen. It is a chronological, through the Bible, clear Gospel presentation. I give them out in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Paul later wrote a picture book called King of Glory. I have given a few of those in English, Spanish, Turkish, and Russian. Last summer after four years of work, he released the movie version of his book. Now he has released Edition 2, which is in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Somali, Swahili, Spanish and Turkish. (A DVD will only hold 8 languages.) The movie can also be watched free on the Internet at He will be adding new languages on the Web. I wanted to order a few of the DVDs to give to people like Connie my Chinese friend at the photocopy store and her two workers, Joe and Tina. He asked how many I could use. I said, “Five to seven”, as I quickly thought of a few people. He said he would send me 10. However, later a box arrived with 50! I am asking the Lord to put them in the right hands. I have given copies to Connie, Joe and Tina. I gave one to my mail lady, Angie, who really likes me to put tracts in the mailbox. I think she is Catholic. I gave one to my good Chinese friend, Irene, and one for the pastor of her Chinese church. (Her pastor, by the way, is Korean, so he will be able to enjoy the movie in three languages!) I am sending one to Ning my former Chinese student. I have seen Tracey, mentioned in my last letter, several times. I offered her the DVD. However, she said, “I don’t want to watch it.” Her tone of voice was as if she was afraid I would force her to take it. 

I hope I can give a DVD to someone who speaks each of the 8 languages. Of course I cannot give them to everyone I meet, but since it is also free on line I am now giving out a business sized card that Paul made to direct people to the web site. (See attachment.) He sent me about 500 cards, so I am giving them with the bracelets as well as to others. The bracelets and short tract are well received, but the movie gives the whole story for our culture today that often has no Biblical background. I hope to give a DVD to a few pastors that I know, to introduce them to this tool for sharing the Gospel. Thank you for praying!

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