Give To Assembly Care

1. Credit Card or PayPal: give once or set up a monthly subscription.

2. text2give: you can give just by texting with your phone.

  • Text the word "give" to 650-516-4501 (its our number).
  • You'll enter credit card info the first time only. Every time after you can just text and amount and not enter anything. 
  • Note: when your done text the name of the worker you want that gift to go to - "you WILL get an error message' but we can see everything you text on our end and will see your note about the worker or project you want the gift to go to.  

3. Checks by Mail

We recommend you mail checks for commended workers to: Christian Worker's Fellowship Fund, Inc. PO Box 12347 Kansas City, KS, 66112. You can even send a check for ACM's operational costs to CWF.  You can still send a check to our box at PO Box 12082, Augusta, GA 30914. However, CWF processes a much higher volume of gift checks for workers;that is their sole function. ACM felt it was a good stewardship move to suggest believers sent checks by mail to CWF while we focused on online gift (i.e credit card) processing. CWF does not accept credit cards.  If you want to give to ACM or a worker by credit card use ACM.  If you still chose to mail ACM a check we are happy to apply it to the appropriate area and send you a tax deductible gift. The above suggestion is only a suggestion aimed at stewardship of time and energy.