Slidell Bible Chapel Relief Program

Dear Saints,

Attached is the flyer for what we're doing from SBC. Obviously, saints from around North America can’t easily make the donations listed in the flyer. So, if assemblies/saints wish to make donations in funds (which we'll use to purchase the listed items), they can send funds (marked for flood victim relief) to: 

Slidell Bible Chapel
59334 N. Pearl Dr.
Slidell, LA 70458

The floods have affected 30 parishes, each with unique situations, so we'll be working in the areas closest to us as the Lord gives us opportunity. We learned during the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, good people are quick to help in these kinds of disasters, and evil people are just as quick to take advantage of the situation. As of today, we've not found reliable contacts to direct people to who want to work directly in victims' homes. We'll keep looking to find such contacts. If assemblies/saints want to venture into the flooded areas to help, perhaps the assembly in Lafayette (Southside Bible Chapel) would have better contacts than we do so far. We'll keep in contact with Assembly Care with info on our efforts. If you hear anything helpful, please, pass it along to us as well. Thank you for your prayers!

Lee Sandifer