Ministry/Job Opening at Good News Network (GNNradio) Radio station.

Message: The Good News Network(GNNradio) is a listener-supported Christian radio network which has a mission to "Preach the Word". We air 24-hour a day preaching, teaching, family programs, and music which used are to fulfill our mission as stated above. GNNradio was started nearly 32 years ago with a single Christian radio station in Augusta, Georgia. It has grown to 14 English radio stations in the southeast USA, as well as 4 Spanish radio outlets. The station operates using satellite-based programs and computer technology which allow us to run 24 hours a day mostly unattended.

The position we are looking to fill is for an entry level person with a heart for the Lord and with strong computer/technology skills (but a computer degree not necessarily required). He would have to do many, many things to help keep a radio station operating. He would be trained by current employees to help in the task of operating this ministry, as well as being given opportunity use his own unique stills to benefit the radio network.

Below is a list representative of the tasks which the position is looking to fill:

ENCO DAD(Digital Audio Delivery) Program support & programming
Station log and EAS log upkeep website upkeep
* GNNradio Facebook management
* GNNradio Instagram management
GNN, GCT, and Airstat computer support
Donorperfect gift entry and management
GNNradio Twitter maintenance, if continued
* Online FCC Document maintenance

In addition to the radio network work, the applicant would be given opportunity to connect to the local assembly and use his gifts there as well.

Minimum Requirements

  • Mature believer who can fully support both the radio network's mission and doctrinal positions (provided upon request).
  • Computer/technology proficiency, with a computer degree a plus but not required.
  • Bachelor degree preferred.

Please provide a letter of interest with a resume to Mark Barinowski at email