Opening - Property Management Assistant - Camp Li-Lo-Li in Randolph, NY

Assists the Property Manager in the year-round operation, maintenance and protection of camp’s facilities, equipment and grounds. Employee would live at camp year round in a camp provided home.


  1. Has a personal testimony of saving faith in Christ and exhibits a sincere love for the Lord, spiritual maturity, and a desire to serve Him at Camp.
  2. Fully supports camp’s statements of faith and mission and the New Testament church principles valued by the Corporation assemblies.
  3. Maintains an attitude of excellence and demonstrates a willingness to follow both verbal and written directions from leadership.
  4. Is willing at times to forego personal convenience for the common good of camp and its programs.
  5. Has had prior exposure to Christian camping or similar ministries.
  6. Is physically and mentally capable of performing the duties outlined in this job description and the Property Manager’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Job Related Qualifications

  • Has the ability to supervise summer volunteers and get along well with others.
  • Has an attitude of excellence, which is evident in the quality of work performed.
  • Possesses a mechanical aptitude and the ability to perform ongoing daily maintenance required for proper care of Camp’s buildings, grounds, and equipment.
  • Has the ability to prioritize responsibilities.
  • Willing to pursue job related skill training.

Applicants may fax their resume to (716) 945-6046 or email to If you have any questions or require additional information, you may contact the Camp Administrator Terry Wilson on his cell phone, 716-244-7814 or by calling the camp office, 716-945-4900.