Assembly Care Ministries Inc. is a 501c3 registered in the state of Florida. ACM was formed in 2006. It exists to connect New Testament patterned assemblies with each other and the Christian workers they commend to God (i.e. full time workers). ACM has a variety of online tools it maintains but was originally started to help "commended workers" address the practical problem of finding health care.

Assembly Care exists to connect believers from New Testament patterned assemblies with commended workers, ministries and other similar assemblies in North America. A second goal is to make believers more aware of commended workers laboring within N. America, their practical needs, and our Biblical responsibility to "fellowship" in the gospel by meeting their needs.

Theme Verse: 2 Cor 9:12 For the administration of this service not only supplieth the want of the saints, but is abundant also by many thanksgivings unto God;

What Assembly Care Does

  • Maintains a directory of most of the assembly commended workers serving inside North America.
  • Maintains a powerful web based map and directory of 1200+ assemblies, 60+ camps, 50+ assembly ministries and senior care homes. 
  • Gives gifts to commended workers as a 501c3 (non-profit) registered in Florida.
  • Helps commended workers find health care.
  • Has set up a system for believers to fellowship online financially with commended workers in certain areas of need.
  • Operates a calendar of conferences and events at assemblies in North America.
  • Helps other projects begin that seek to help NT patterned assemblies (if we are able). 

Who Works At Assembly Care?

Assembly Care is operated and maintained by Paul Morris (Augusta, GA in fellowship at Martinez Bible Chapel, Augusta, GA) out of a small office. We also get volunteer help from Alan Coburn (NJ) to keep up the calendar section of our site. Believers from many assemblies across the US and around the world use the tools on the ACM website. Twice a year the ACM board meets to discuss its needs, direction, and progress. Board members represent a spectrum of assemblies and regions of the country.

Current Board

  • Jesse Gentile (California) - President
  • Bill Coyle (Illinois) - Secretary
  • Ed Anthony (Tennessee) - Treasurer
  • Bob Bennett (Iowa)
  • Greg Drake (Georgia)
  • Skip Elliott (South Carolina) 
  • Steve Price (Kansas)

What Assemblies Does ACM Represent?

ACM does not officially connect itself with one group of assemblies or another. ACM receives calls from elders and workers from open assemblies and some gospel halls in the U.S. The men on the ACM board are aware of the variety that exists among assemblies. Rather than side or affiliate with a constricted group, our goal is to exhort/help individual believers from as many assemblies as possible to support the workers commended from those assemblies respectively.

A commended worker support organization?

While ACM was started to help commended workers find health-care, it became rapidly apparent that there was little to no support organization connecting assemblies with commended workers who labor inside North America.  To that end ACM has developed several tools that will help keep assemblies digitally connected with commended workers. If the Lord blesses this effort we may in the future begin printing such resources.

ACM intends to follow the pattern of the apostle Paul in exhorting assembly believers about their responsibility to give to known needs among the body - particularly those of commended workers. Paul the apostle went to great lengths to inform various assemblies of the needs of other believers (i.e. the poor in Jerusalem who had ministered to the spiritual needs of the region), and to ensure a safe transportation of their fellowship gifts into the hands of those needy Christians.

Does ACM sell health care insurance?

No. Assembly Care does not sell insurance. ACM's original purpose for beginning was to help resolve this practical issue though. At this point (2010) we still give advice only by phone to those who call and request it. At this present date, when a worker or elder calls, ACM will share as many solutions as possible with them, and then leave the decision with that individual.

Is there a health care program for commended workers?

Rather than start its own healthcare program, we made the choice during our first few years of operation  to work with the three main Christian healthcare sharing programs (especially Samaritan Ministries). These groups have excellent experience, qualify under the Affordable Care Act, and are much larger than any group we could create. Please contact us for information on these groups.