Assembly Care Ministries Inc. is a 501c3 registered in the state of Florida. ACM was formed in 2006. It exists to connect New Testament patterned assemblies with each other and the Christian workers they commend to God (i.e. full time workers). ACM has a variety of online tools it maintains but was originally started to help "commended workers" address the practical problem of finding health care.

Assembly Care exists to connect believers from New Testament patterned assemblies with commended workers, ministries and other similar assemblies in North America. A second goal is to make believers more aware of commended workers laboring within N. America, their practical needs, and our Biblical responsibility to "fellowship" in the gospel by meeting their needs.

Theme Verse: 2 Cor 9:12 For the administration of this service not only supplieth the want of the saints, but is abundant also by many thanksgivings unto God;

What Assembly Care Does

  • Maintains a directory of most of the assembly commended workers serving inside North America.

  • Operates a telemedicine line for commended workers.

  • Maintains a powerful web based map and directory of 1200+ assemblies, 60+ camps, 50+ assembly ministries and senior care homes.

  • Gives gifts to commended workers as a 501c3 (non-profit) and returns donation gift receipts to donors.

  • Has served as a gathering and distribution point for disaster relief (e.g. Gulf coast hurricanes, and California fires).

  • Has helped other projects begin that seek to help NT patterned assemblies (e.g. Team Workers Abroad, Rise Up Conference)

Who Works At Assembly Care?

ACM was developed and operated (under board oversight) by Jesse Gentile from 2007-2016. In 2016 Paul Morris took over and operated ACM until 2018. As of 2019 Dr. Steve Price is serving as the interim director of both ACM and the medical health line. Dennis McGee is serving as the director of operations. Twice a year the ACM board meets to discuss its needs, direction, and progress. Board members represent a spectrum of assemblies and regions of the country.

Current Board

  • Jesse Gentile (California) - Secretary

  • Bill Coyle (Illinois)

  • Greg Drake (Georgia) - Chairman

  • Skip Elliott (South Carolina) - Treasurer

  • Steve Price (Kansas)

  • Previous Board Members. Over the course of ACM’s life other board members have included: Bob Bennett, George MaKenzie, Ed Anthony, and Ken Murray.

WHat Exactly is ACM’s relationship to Health Care?

ACM was born around the practical problem of helping assembly workers find health care. In the 1980’s many workers were supported by a group insurance policy which ended in the 1990s. The early years of Assembly Care’s history (e.g. 2007-2010) we focused heavily on coming up with a health care solution for commended workers. In time we focused on getting workers to join Christina medical sharing programs or offering consultations to help them find the right insurance. Despite misconceptions, ACM never sold insurance. Between 2010-2015 our focus shifted towards other major projects and health care took more of a back seat. Then in 2015 we launched an idea that was, ironically, suggested at our very first 2006 board meeting - a team of doctors to serve assembly workers. This gave rise to the ACM Health Line which is currently headed up by Dr. Steve Price. Dr.’s Esther Brew, Caleb trent serve commended workers along with Dennis McGee (nurse with extensive missions experience in the Middle East) and others. Currently this program is offered at no cost to commended workers of assemblies that ACM works with.

 What Assemblies Does ACM Represent?

Assembly Care seeks to represent the widest range of assemblies in N. America. Because the so called “assemblies” do not operate as a concrete denomination, there are no hard and fast boundary markers. That being said, most of the assemblies who work with ACM have their heritage started in or resulting from the church planting efforts of the 19th century Plymouth Brethren movement in the US. The assemblies that we work with tend to want to acknowledge that heritage and carry on the distinctives of that movement (e.g. Biblical eldership, centrality of a weekly Lord’s supper, faith based missions, local ministry carried out by local believers rather than hiring out staff, conservative evangelical theology, etc..). ACM does not seek to exercise any authority over these local churches but instead seeks to facilitate partnership and interaction between assemblies. As a natural result churches at the far extremes of these movements tend to be less comfortable working with ACM (e.g. overly exclusive groups or churches seeking to distance themselves from assembly distinctives and heritage).

A commended worker support organization?

While ACM was started to help commended workers find health-care, it became rapidly apparent that there was little to no support organization connecting assemblies with commended workers who labor inside North America.  To that end ACM has developed several tools that will help keep assemblies digitally connected with commended workers. If the Lord blesses this effort we may in the future begin printing such resources.

ACM intends to follow the pattern of the apostle Paul in exhorting assembly believers about their responsibility to give to known needs among the body - particularly those of commended workers. Paul the apostle went to great lengths to inform various assemblies of the needs of other believers (i.e. the poor in Jerusalem who had ministered to the spiritual needs of the region), and to ensure a safe transportation of their fellowship gifts into the hands of those needy Christians.